Your braided hair should be protected at night.

Box braids, cornrows, and other braids are a great way to wear your hair.While these styles are pretty low maintenance, you may be worried about your hair feeling dry, uncomfortable, or frizzy during the night.You can set aside a few minutes each night to make your hair feel nourished and comfortable before you go to bed.

Step 1: Before you go to bed, make sure your braid line is clean.

In a small cup, mix 3-4 drops of grapeseed oil, Jamaican black castor oil and tea tree oil.dip your finger into the mixture.Your hair is exposed between your braids.If you have visible sections of your hair, apply the oil to them.If you can, try to do this on a nightly basis.This mixture helps nourish your skin and hair, which helps keep your braids strong throughout the night.Most beauty stores carry these oils.Do you know if your hairdresser has any product recommendations?

Step 2: Before heading to bed, clean your hair with a cleanser.

Pour a grape-sized amount of cleanser onto a cotton ball.Let the cleanser sit for a while, then wipe it away with a cotton ball soaked in warm water.Try to keep your braids strong and healthy by doing this every 3 days.It is possible to prevent build-up in the long run by taking good care of your braids.If you don’t know what product to use, talk to your hairdresser about the best one for your hair type.

Step 3: You should apply anti-itch oil to your hair every 2 days.

The cotton ball should be soaked with anti-itch oil.The mixture should be applied to the exposed areas of your hair.If you can, try to do this every 2 days.Damage to your braids can be caused by scratching or picking at them.At most beauty supply stores, you can find anti-itch oil.You want to coat your hair without soaking it.

Step 4: Take care of your hair with anti-itch spray and conditioner.

The anti-itch conditioner can be sprayed on the surface of your braids.It’s a good idea to mist this product over your hair.If your braids feel dry, you can use this spray.You can reduce the temptation to scratch your braids with this spray.You can find it online or in a beauty supply store.

Step 5: Wrap a scarf around your hair.

A piece of fabric of 40 by 40 in (100 by 100 cm) can be used to completely cover your braids, which will prevent your hair from becoming unruly overnight.A scarf that goes over your braids is called a “sock-style” scarf.It is easier to tie your braids over your head for this type of scarf.These types of scarves can be found online or in certain clothing retailers.

Step 6: If your braids are thick and long, use a bandana wrap and scarf.

If you have long, coiled braids, it may hurt to tie them up in a scarf.Instead, use a large, square silk scarf.To secure the 2 ties on top of your head, place a large square of silk along your neck.You can buy this scarf online.Ask your hairdresser for recommendations on how to cover your hair if you aren’t sure.

Step 7: You should sleep on a pillowcase.

Visit your local home goods store and look for a pillowcase that is not made of cotton.If your braids rub against a cotton pillowcase, they will look bad in the morning.You can keep your braids looking fresh and beautiful by making the switch to satin.