You should cleanse your colon.

A colon cleanse is recommended by some natural health practitioners.This kind of cleanse can be completed by altering your diet, using colon-cleansing supplements, or getting a colonic.

Step 1: Don’t eat certain foods.

Eliminate the foods that are causing the problems in your colon.All the foods that are a burden to your colon should be eliminated.Coffee, sugar, white flour, dairy, and alcohol are included.White sugar and flour are in processed sweets.It’s a good idea to avoid excess amounts of cheese or ice cream.

Step 2: You can eat foods that help your body.

Some foods will help you cleanse your body.The Brassica family includes vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage.These vegetables are very important in helping your body get rid of toxins.Fiber-rich foods scrub the walls of the colon and push food through the intestines quickly, so make sure to eat plenty of it.Green vegetables, apples, berries, and brown rice are high in fiber.High fiber consumption can help colon health.

Step 3: All food allergies and intolerances should be eliminated.

If you have never been tested for food sensitivities, you may want to see a doctor.Eating foods that your body doesn’t like slows down colon functioning and increases the likelihood of toxicity.

Step 4: To reduce toxins, eat foods rich in chlorophyll.

You can reduce the toxins in your blood by eating certain foods.Studies show that chlorophyll helps with the excretion of toxins.Greens with high levels of chlorophyll are dark.Increase your intake of greens.Try to incorporate these into your meals.You can add your eggs to a bed of steamed greens or make a smoothie.You can buy dried seaweed chips.

Step 5: It’s a good idea to take probiotics.

It is good for overall colon health to have good flora.Your colon holds onto toxins because of the decrease in anidase in your body.It’s a good idea to take a capsule every day for general health, but if you’re going to do a colon cleanse, you should take at least one extra capsule per day.You can get a lot of the same things through yogurt and other foods.Pick a supplement that has 1 billion CFU per dose.Make sure they aren’t expired by buying them from a store that sells health food.Most of the organisms need to be kept in the fridge.

Step 6: You should drink more water.

Your body needs a lot of water.Most people should drink half their body weight in ounces per day.If you want to increase your colon health, you need to drink 70 ounces of water per day.If you add a glass or two every few hours, it won’t seem like much.Don’t drink it all at once.This can make you sick.It’s important to increase water intake when taking a fiber supplement.Water consumption is needed in order to digest the fiber in the diet.It’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about how much water is right for you.

Step 7: Ask your doctor if you need a supplement.

There are colon-cleansing supplements on the market.Some are designed to help to flush the colon, while others are meant to support your organs.Before you take any of these supplements, you should talk to your doctor to make sure they are safe for you.

Step 8: Laxatives are a good way to use them.

Laxatives are products that help your colon to work faster.Laxatives can cause uncomfortable symptoms if taken in high amounts.They can cause other side effects.Milk of Magnesia is one of the brands that you can try.If you use laxatives on a long-term basis, your colon will become dependent on them, so make sure to use them only for a few days a time.A gentle laxative tea is usually enough for a colon cleanse.The first step is to get regular tea in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes.You should have a normal bowel movement after drinking the tea.

Step 9: Take fiber supplements.

Fiber-rich foods and supplements help the colon excrete toxins.Add 2 ounces of rice bran, psyllium, or oats per day.Adding fiber directly to smoothie or oatmeal is an easy way to consume it.When you add fiber supplements, make sure to drink lots of water.Constipation can be caused by fiber.Benefiber and Metamucil are dissolvable fiber supplements.

Step 10: Look at magnesium.

Magnesium draws water into your colon and has a laxative effect.Magnesium is non-addicting and will not cause dependence when used long-term.You should take 300 to 600 magnesium citrate a day.Excess magnesium can cause health issues.You can drink liquid magnesium citrate instead of taking a supplement.The amount of magnesium in the drink should not be more than 900 a day.

Step 11: Ask about NAC.

One of the major detoxifying substances in the body is NAC.It can be found in many natural foods such as yogurt and poultry, but can also be taken as a supplement.Glutathione can be used to help you cleanse more quickly and effectively if you supplement with NAC.NAC can be taken in capsule form during a cleanse.You can buy supplements at health stores.

Step 12: Use the packs to store the oil.

The elimination of the colon is aided by the use of castor oil packs.Get a cotton or wool cloth, plastic wrap, bath towel, a hot water bottle or heating pad.The oil should be put on the cloth.Place the cloth on your abdomen.Wrap all sides of the cloth with plastic to prevent staining.Wrap the towel around your body.The hot water bottle or heating pad should be placed over the towel.Rest for 10 minutes.Remove the cloth and clean your abdomen.You can reuse the cloth without washing it.It could burn you or make you overheated if you fall asleep with the heating pad on.

Step 13: Try an enema.

During a cleanse, enemas can be used.When you do an enema, you inject fluid into your colon in order to help flush the colon.If used too frequently, enemas can cause dependence, but they are safe and effective during a short-term cleanse.

Step 14: There is a natural doctor.

Natural doctors are trained in how to properly cleanse their patients.A naturopath can look at your medical history as well as your medications to figure out what kind of cleanse would be best for you.They can tell you how often you should get colonics, as well as prescribe herbs, supplements, and home treatments to help cleanse your body.

Step 15: Don’t deal with toxins.

Cigarette smoke, recreational drugs, pesticides, and herbicides can be harmful to your cleanse.During a colon cleanse, it’s important to stay away from these types of toxins.

Step 16: Take a look at a colonic.

Each day, colon therapists perform colonics at their offices.Colonics can be very effective in getting rid of the colon.A colon therapist is trained to practice safe and sanitary procedures.

Step 17: Ask your doctor about the procedure.

Ask your doctor about a colonic if you are having colon issues.The colon therapist inserts a tube during a colonic.The tube is attached to a pump that pushes liquid into your large intestine.The therapist inserts a new tube after removing the first tube.The therapist will massage your body to get rid of water and waste.To fully cleanse the bowels, the therapist may repeat the process.Up to 16 gallons of water can be pumped and expelled.It is possible to extract things from your colon with the help of coffee, herbs, or water.

Step 18: You need to have at least one bowel movement per day.

Your body needs more time to absorb toxins if the stool stays in your colon.If you don’t currently have a daily bowel movement, many of the changes listed above will help.It is a good idea for you to visit your doctor if you are still not going once a day because you have improved your diet and tried other options.If you have more than 2 bowel movements per day, you should consult with a doctor.