You should be a banquet server.

Banquet server work at weddings and conferences.The job of banquet server is an entry level position that doesn’t require a lot of experience.It is a great job for someone who wants to change careers.Gaining relevant experience, understanding the basic skills you need, and finding a job will help you get a banquet server job.

Step 1: Place tables, chairs, and more in the banquet hall.

You will be responsible for setting up before an event as a banquet server.Tables, chairs, and even decorations will be placed.You will have 2 or more hours to set up before guests arrive.Banquet server should be able to lift at least 25 pounds.

Step 2: You can learn how to set the silverware.

The fork should be placed to the left of the plate.Put the salad fork to the left of that.The cutting knife should be positioned to the right of the plate.Next to that will be a small spoon, followed by a large spoon.The napkin can be placed behind the plate or left of the forks.Depending on region, taste, and your employer’s standards, place settings may vary.If you want to perfect your place-setting skills, your employer will most likely provide on-the-job training.

Step 3: Guests will be served food and drinks.

Depending on the event, you can either serve food from a buffet or take orders.You will also bring drinks to guests.You can serve alcohol to guests if you’re over 18.

Step 4: You should clear the tables assigned to you.

You will be responsible for clearing tables in addition to serving food and beverages.Plates are cleared after every course.When a guest is finished with a dish, a glass, or a piece of silverware, you need to remove it from the table.

Step 5: Good personal hygiene is important.

A banquet server needs to be well-groomed.It’s a good idea to shower before you get to work.Make sure your clothes are laundered and pressed, brush your teeth and hair, and shave if you need to.When on the job, make sure to wash your hands with warm soap and water.

Step 6: You should listen to the people you serve.

Listen to the people you serve.They may be trying to communicate information about food allergies or medical problems you should be aware of.Let the people you are serving know that you heard them.Write down any special instructions you might forget and keep a small pad of notebook paper in case.

Step 7: You should pay attention to your supervisor.

You should watch and listen to your supervisor.They will let you know when and what to do.You may end up serving food at the wrong time if you don’t watch your supervisor.The wrong plate may be served to the wrong guest.

Step 8: You should watch what your fellow server is doing.

You should also pay attention to your fellow server.As individual server are just part of a large team of people collaborating to make a specific event run as seamless as possible, this is important.Look to see what your server is doing.Listen to what other people are saying.If a server gives you a suggestion, you should take it.If a fellow server asks you for help, you should do it.

Step 9: Don’t talk too much.

Don’t be friendly or familiar with guests.A banquet server should be attentive to the people they are serving.You won’t be able to attend to your duties as a server if you get too involved with your guests.Don’t interrupt guests.Don’t engage in small talk.Do not ask guests questions unrelated to your job.

Step 10: You can find out if large hotels are hiring.

Many large hotels have in-house Catering departments.They will often have openings for banquet server.The hotel’s website can be used to find out if they have an opening.Under employment is where to look for current positions.If you call the hotel, ask if they are hiring.

Step 11: There are job postings at the convention center.

Similar to large hotels, convention centers have in-house Catering services.To find a job at a convention center, visit their website and look at their employment page.You can ask if they are hiring.

Step 12: There are independent caterers in your area.

You can look through the phone book or run a search on the internet.Ask if they are hiring banquet server.Depending on where you live, you can find at least one caterer who is currently hiring.

Step 13: If you want to work with a staffing company, sign up.

There is a staffing company near you.Let them know that you would like to work as a banquet server.If they can place you in a job as a banquet server, they’ll review the positions they have available and let you know.It is possible that pay is lower working for a staffing company.

Step 14: You can look on job websites.

You can find a variety of positions at different employers by visiting popular job websites.Monster Indeed Ziprecruiter is one website to consider searching for.

Step 15: You can earn a GED or graduate high school.

While a formal education is not required to be a banquet server, having a high school diploma or GED may increase your chances of getting a job.It is possible to earn more money and gain promotion later in your career if you hold a high school degree.

Step 16: As a restaurant server, you can make a lot of money.

If you have experience as a server in a restaurant, you may be able to get a banquet server job.Potential employers will know that you have many of the basic skills needed to work as a banquet server.You will be able to hone your attention to detail, get used to working in a fast-paced environment, and have experience serving food to a variety of customers if you work as a restaurant sever.

Step 17: Have a good customer service experience.

Having experience in retail or telemarketing will help you hone your skills as a banquet server.The job of banquet server is to satisfy customers.

Step 18: Get certified.

A high school or prior work experience is not required to be a banquet server.Some employers may prefer applicants who are certified.If you want to increase your chances of landing a banquet server job, you need to be certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.