You can play the kissing game.

Do you want to play a kissing game at a party?Kissing games are a great way to have fun at a party.Make sure you don’t pressure anyone to play.At your next party, try one of the fun kissing game variations if all of your guests are on board.

Step 1: Everyone should sit in a circle.

Everyone should sit on the ground.Everyone should be in a boy- girl- boy pattern.

Step 2: The bottle should be placed in the middle of the circle.

Place the bottle on its side.If the circle is large, players will need to get up to spin the bottle.You should be able to lean forward and spin it if it is not too big.

Step 3: You can spin the bottle.

If you grab the bottle with your thumb and index finger, you can spin it around on your wrist.

Step 4: When the bottle stops spinning, kiss the person it points to.

The bottle spinner has to kiss the person closest to where the bottle is pointing when it stops spinning.

Step 5: Spin a second time.

The person is seated to the right of the bottle spinner.Everyone in the circle has a chance to spin the bottle.

Step 6: There is a playing card or index card.

If you trim the construction paper to the size of a playing card, you can use it.The card has to be large enough to cover your mouth.

Step 7: Everyone should stand in a circle.

Everyone should be in a boy- girl- boy pattern.The circle should be tight since a card will be passed from one person to another.

Step 8: Start the game.

The person with the card has to suck it on to his or her lips.The card holder has to use his or her mouth to pass the card to the next person.There is no hands allowed in this game.

Step 9: If you want to kiss, pass the card.

You can keep sucking by pressing the card against the person’s lips.The paper should be kept in place until someone contacts it.To release it to the next person, blow it on the paper.The two have to kiss if the paper falls.

Step 10: Take the girls out of the picture.

When the card is dropped, the girls must move one space to the left so that they can stand next to a new boy.Constantly changing the person next to the players will keep the game exciting.Until everyone has kissed someone, play until the card has made a full rotation around the circle.

Step 11: All of your guests names should be written on small pieces of paper.

To hide the names, fold them up and keep the girls and boys names separate.

Step 12: Put the pieces of paper together.

Put the names of the girls and boys into the same hat.

Step 13: A name can be drawn from each hat.

Before you draw a name from a hat, mix up the names.When you pull out each name, read it to your guests.

Step 14: Send the two people to the closet together.

You can put them in a small dark room if you don’t have a large closet.Make sure the lighting is dim and they are close to each other.

Step 15: The timer should be set for seven minutes.

If you want to watch the clock for seven minutes, use a stopwatch.When the timer is up, let them out.

Step 16: New names to be drawn.

Draw new names to keep the game going.All of your guests will have a turn if you place the names you drew to the side.

Step 17: Everyone should enter a room.

Make sure the room has a door that the postman can open.

Step 18: One person should be sent out of the room.

You can either ask for volunteers or choose the person who has to leave the room and knock on the door.

Step 19: Pick a person to answer the door.

You can ask for volunteers or choose the person at random.If you like the person who leaves the room and wants to kiss him or her, you may want to volunteer.

Step 20: Tell the door opener to kiss the postman.

Two people standing on either side of a door have to kiss.

Step 21: Do it again with new people.

Pick a new door opener and postman.Don’t stop playing until everyone has a chance.

Step 22: Black and red decks are used to separate a deck of playing cards.

You should shuffle each deck separately after you separated the cards.

Step 23: The playing cards should be handed out.

Give a card from the black deck to each of the boys and a red card to the girls.You should not look at cards as you hand them out.Give them out at random.

Step 24: Everyone is asked to reveal their cards.

Everyone can see the card’s number or face if everyone holds their cards in front of them.

Step 25: Pair the matches together.

Everyone should look for the person with the card number or face.Faces have to kiss.If a boy and a girl have the same number of hearts, they have to kiss.

Step 26: You can collect the cards and play again.

After all of the players have kissed, shuffle the cards and play again, keeping black and red cards separate.Keep playing until everyone gets a kiss.