You can make a Harry Potter wand.

A young wizard’s biggest ambition is to get their own wand.Is it possible that your owl lost its way?No matter!You can still have an amazing wand if you don’t go to Ollivander’s.It’s the perfect prop for your new robes.

Step 1: You can get a wooden dowel that is between 10 and 13 inches.

They are usually sold in packs at craft stores.You can cut it down with a hacksaw.You can use a stick that was found outside.It should be no thicker than your finger, close to the length you want it to be, and straight.

Step 2: If you want it to be rounded, you need to sand down one end.

The tip will be made by this.The wands in the movies are similar to the ones you can sand.Start with a coarse-grit sandpaper.If you are using a stick, you’ll want to sand it down.You can either leave the bark and knobs on the stick or cut them off.

Step 3: Hot glue can be used to build up the handle.

The length of your finger is the handle part.The handle of your wand should be covered with hot glue.Add 2 to 3 more layers if you want.Some wands don’t need a handle.The wand did not have a handle.You can “carve” designs into it with the hot nozzle of the glue gun.

Step 4: Hot glue a bead or button to the base of your wand.

There is a knob at the end of the wand’s handle.You can make one with a fancy button or bead.You don’t want it to be too big if you pick something that is the same width as the base of your wand.You will be painting it later if you don’t worry about the color.

Step 5: To draw designs on the rest of the wand, use a hot glue gun.

This can be used to create swirly designs on the wand.You can draw with the hot glue gun by twirling the wand between your fingers.If you don’t have hot glue, you can use tape or clay to make a handle without a glue gun.

Step 6: Let it dry before painting it with a base color.

You can make your wand black or white.Paint it several shades of the same color to give it some extra texture.The wand can be made brown with light brown and dark brown streaks.If you want the wood’s original texture to show through, consider using watered-down acrylic paint.

Step 7: Add some weathering to it.

If you want to fill in any nooks and crannies on your wand, take a darker shade of your base color.Take a lighter shade of your base color and use it to highlight any raised areas on your wand.Use a small brush.

Step 8: Seal the wand after the paint is dry to make it last longer.

Put your wand down on a piece of paper.Let it dry and spray it with a clear coat.Then, spray the other side with the wand.If needed, let the seal dry and repeat.The paint job will last longer if the wand is sealed.You can use a variety of finishes.

Step 9: Get a sharp object.

A regular chopstick will work just fine if you are making this for a child.If you are making this for a teen or adult, you should get one of those bamboo cooking chopsticks.Don’t worry about the color; you will be painting it later on.Can’t find a spoon?You can use a wooden paintbrush.The brush part needs to be snapped off.You can use a hacksaw to saw it off.

Step 10: Hot glue can be used to build up the handle and wand.

The handle should be small.Attach the handle with hot glue.If necessary, add 2 to 3 more layers.To make a wand like Harry’s, draw vertical lines.They should be thinner towards the other end of the handle.Some wands are plain but others have designs on them.The hot glue can be used to draw vines.A neat design can be created by twirling your wand and drawing a line.

Step 11: A bead or button can be added to the wand.

There are wands with a handle base.You can hot glue a bead or button to the base of your wand if you want it.The bead or button should be the same width as your wand, but it should not extend past the edges.Don’t worry about the color of the bead or button, think about its design.You are going to paint this.If it is a pretty crystal button, you can leave the bead or button unpainted.

Step 12: Paint the wand base color.

The Harry Potter movies had wands that were either black or white.You can change the shade of the paint to make it look like wood.If your chopsticks are made of bamboo, consider using watered-down paints.The original texture still shows through this way.

Step 13: Light and dark shades of your base color are used to add weathering.

Use the darker shade to fill in any nooks and crannies on your wand.You can use a q-tip to get to those hard-to-reach areas.Take your lighter shade and highlight the raised areas.The highlights will only be needed if your wand is black.The shadows are what you need if your wand is white.

Step 14: The paint will last longer if the wand is sealed.

Put the wand on a sheet of paper.Wait for it to dry and spray it with a clear coat.Turn the wand over and spray the other side.If necessary, repeat this step.The paint job can last longer if the wand is sealed.You can use a variety of finishes.

Step 15: The sheet of paper should be rolled into a stick.

Roll the paper from the bottom left corner to the upper right corner.When you reach the widest point of the paper, stop.

Step 16: Liquid glue should be applied to the last third of the paper.

The glue should be applied in a thin layer with a brush.You can add a core to your wand at this point.Phoenix feather can be red, orange, or yellow.A dragon is wearing a piece of red yarn.The hair is made of silver or iridescent thread.

Step 17: Hold the paper until the glue dries.

It can take up to 30 minutes.You can secure your wand with string or twist ties if you don’t want to hold it for that long.The glue needs to be dry before you move on.

Step 18: Remove the ends.

The paper is very tight at both ends.Use a pair of scissors or a craft knife.You should trim off one end more than the other.The end will be suitable for the base of your wand.

Step 19: Hot glue the ends of the wand.

This will keep the tube from unraveling.Hot glue a bead or button to the bottom of your wand.The bead or button should not go past the edges of the wand.

Step 20: Hot glue can be used to draw designs.

Hot glue can be used to build up a handle for your wand.The glue gun can be used to draw designs on the rest of the wand.You can hot glue beads or buttons to the handle to make fancy designs.

Step 21: Put some primer on the wand.

You want to use paint primer, gesso, or even Mod Podge.Allow the primer to dry.The paper will become too wet while you paint it.It can fall apart if it becomes soggy.

Step 22: Paint the wand a base color.

There are wands in the movies that are either black or white.Different shades of the same color can be used to paint your wand.Adding some lighter and darker brown streaks to your wand will make it look more like wood.

Step 23: Allow the wand to dry.

It will make the designs stand out more.Use a q-tip or paintbrush to apply a color that is slightly darker than the one you used.Next, apply some highlights to the raised edges.You don’t need the highlights if your wand is black.You only need the shadows if your wand is white.

Step 24: If you want, seal the wand.

It will help your wand last a bit longer.Set the wand down on a sheet of newspaper in a well-ventilated area.Let the wand dry by spraying it with a clear, acrylic sealer.If you want to spray the other side, turn the wand over.If necessary, repeat this step.You can use a variety of finishes.