You can make a cupcake costume.

The best Halloween candy is not the best cupcake costumes.You don’t have to use a needle or thread to make these costumes.It’s a good idea to make one for your kids when they go trick-or-treating or for yourself when you get invited to a costume party.This sweet treat can be made at home.

Step 1: To remove the bottom of a laundry basket, use a box cutter.

You may need to cut a straight line down the back if the laundry basket is too narrow.If you need to slip on the basket, you will be able to spread it apart.If you can’t find a round laundry basket, you could use a large plastic tub.

Step 2: Attach straps to the basket.

The suspenders have to be adjusted so that they can cross over the wearer’s shoulders.To mimic straps, you could tie two cords or heavy-duty ribbons to the basket.To glue the straps in place, use a hot glue gun.

Step 3: A large section of poster board is accordion-fold.

The folds should be about 2 to 3 inches wide.Measure the basket’s height and diameter.The board you use should be three times as long as the basket.You may need to use 5 to 6 sheets if you use a standard size poster board.Attach the sheets of poster board together.It is possible to hide the staple inside the folds.Instead of poster board, you could use heavy foil-based wrapping paper.Take the first section of the poster board and fold it over the rest.If you want to make another section that is equal in width, fold the board in the opposite direction so that the end is still visible.Continue until the entire board is folded.

Step 4: The basket should be covered with a board.

Attach the folded board to the basket with a hot glue gun.Put a line of glue on each inside fold of the board and press it to the basket to fix it.You could attach the board by punching small holes 2 inches (5 cm) away from the top and bottom of the folded board.To hide the holes on the inner folds, punch them.There are holes in the basket and around the cross bars.

Step 5: The legs have to be removed from two pairs of tights.

You can use adult-size tights.Depending on the type of “frosting” you want your cupcake to have, the color you use will depend on it.Use pink tights for strawberry.Cut the legs off in a straight line.You may need to use three pairs of tights for taller children and adults.

Step 6: The tights should be filled.

Stuff each leg with something.The ends should be knotted.Pack the tights so they feel full, but not so full that they become stiff.

Step 7: The legs should be Glued together.

Place the stuffed tights end to end with a hot glue gun.You could have a tube of stuffed tights.Let the glue dry.

Step 8: Attach the “frosting” to the basket.

Line 2 to 4 inches of the rim with hot glue.The stuffed tights should be fixed to this spot.The tights tube should be wind around the basket’s circumference.As you go, glue.Hot glue should be applied for every 4 inches of your frosting.Press it in place to make sure that section is secured.The stuffed tights can be used to create a spiral pattern.The hot glue should be applied to the top of the bottom layer when it’s time to overlap the tights.Gradually position each layer of frosting further in.The top layer should be snug against the wearer’s body, but they should still be able to slip it over their head.

Step 9: Sprinkles.

Cut small pieces of felt or plastic straws into small sections.Multi-colored materials can be used for rainbow sprinkles or dark brown for chocolate sprinkles.Attach the sprinkles to the frosting with a hot glue gun.The sprinkles should be positioned in randomized, scattered directions.Since this will not look like a cupcake, do not arrange the sprinkles to face the same direction.

Step 10: The outfit should be topped off with a cherry.

Attach the red pipe cleaner to the uppermost tip with hot glue and wear a red knit cap.To make the pipe cleaner look like the stem of a cherry, bend it slightly.

Step 11: Don’t wear the wrong clothes underneath.

Wear tights and a sweatshirt.The tights and sweatshirt should match the color of the frosting.Wear white clothes if you used white frosting.Wear brown clothes if you used chocolate frosting.You could wear flesh-tone tights instead of colored tights.To make sure that the shorts don’t extend past the cupcake wrapper, wear them above the tights.The sweatshirt could be swapped for a tank top or sleeveless shirt.

Step 12: Don’t wear footwear that distracts you.

If possible, wear shoes that match your tights.Wear sandals or flats.Don’t wear shoes that are elaborately decorated.Pick the simplest pair of shoes you can find if you cannot match your shoes to tights.

Step 13: Finished.