You can make a care package for a long distance partner.

A care package is a great way of showing your special someone how much they mean to you.Send a care package to your partner if you’re in a long distance relationship.Over time, find the materials for the package.It’s a good idea to keep a lookout for items your significant would love.Handmade items can be included, like a hand knit scarf or a handwritten letter.When you’re done gathering materials, put them in a box.Send the package to your partner.

Step 1: Purchase items over time.

It’s a good idea to keep your eyes open for something your significant other would like.If there’s an anniversary or birthday coming up in a few weeks, you might want to keep an eye out for it.You should keep your eyes open while shopping.If you’re shopping with a friend, look for treats that your partner would like.You don’t know where to look for gifts.Over time, you will find the right gifts if you keep your eyes open.

Step 2: Don’t worry about spending a lot.

A care package doesn’t have to cost a lot.There are things that remind you of your partner.Something like a stuffed animal could be a nice touch.The purpose of a care package is to show the other person you’re thinking of them and not to spend a lot of money.

Step 3: Non-perishable food is a must.

Non-perishables are a good idea if you want to send your significant other food.Pick something that won’t expire quickly because you never know how long a package will take to arrive in the mail.Candy that won’t melt is a great addition to a care package.It’s important for long distance relationships.Non-perishables are a good idea if your significant other lives overseas.

Step 4: A gift card can be sent.

You might not be able to ship some things.You can’t mail fast food to your significant other if they love it.You can send a gift card to that restaurant in the mail.You can send a gift card to a store.You can write a note saying that the gift card is for something your significant other can buy at the supermarket if you know that.You could write “For chocolate ice cream” on a note and tape it to a gift card for a supermarket chain.

Step 5: You should include a book you’re reading.

A great way to bond is to read the same book.Send a copy of the novel you’re reading to your partner.You could leave notes in the margins of the book.If the two of you aren’t big readers, you can send a CD of a band you’re listening to or a movie you like.

Step 6: There are things you can save that remind you of them.

If you go out and spend money on yourself, you should save some of the souvenirs that remind you of your partner.Save the ticket for a concert you like to attend.Save the paper menu from the restaurant where you first met and send it to them.You could send these items in a small piece of paper.

Step 7: Purchase jewelry that is custom made.

This gift can keep the romance alive from a distance.You can find designs online.You can work with an artist on the site.”Love You” or “Miss You Always” are examples of romantic spelling jewelry.You can get matching items for the two of you.You can get two bracelets with your names written on them.You can get a necklace with a lock and a key.

Step 8: There is a custom music box.

A custom made music box can be very romantic if you and your partner have a song.When your partner opens the romantic music box, they will be surprised to hear your special song playing.There are items that remind you of your partner.You can either take pictures of the two of you together, or you can take a ticket from the movie you saw together.

Step 9: A homemade card is included.

A homemade card is more appreciated by your partner than a store bought one.If you stop by your local craft store, you can get some construction paper, decorations, and fancy markers.You can make a personalized card.It’s important to include a message inside the card.If you don’t feel confident in your crafting abilities, you can order custom made cards online.You can write your message on a blank card at the gift shop.

Step 10: Something to bake.

A homemade baked good will be appreciated by your significant other.They can bake their favorite type of pastry and send it in a care package.It can be helpful for a birthday.Birthday cakes or cupcakes can be sent to your partner.It is important to keep in mind that homemade baked goods may not last long.You may need expedited shipping.Sending baked goods may not be the best option if your partner lives overseas.

Step 11: You should include some crafts.

You can find inspiration at a craft store.Even if you’re not particularly artistic, you can still use a photo of the two of you.Try knitting a scarf or hat.Make a picture of yourself drawing or painting.You can paint a picture of the coffee shop where you first met.Sewing projects can be enjoyable.It is possible to make a small stuffed toy of your significant other’s favorite animal.

Step 12: Send something that smells like you.

There is a strong correlation between smell and memory.Sending your partner something that smells like you can help them remember you.Send a small tube of a particular brand of detergent, laundry detergent or lotion.You could send this if you’re willing to give up your nightshirt for a while.One of your pillowcases could also be sent.

Step 13: It’s a good idea to make a box full of praise.

A box of praise is a cute idea.There are small pieces of paper on hand.Write something nice about your partner down.Send these slips of paper with your care package.You can write “I just walked by the animal shelter”It reminds me of how nice you are to my cats.You are a loving person.A small box can be purchased at a craft store.Write something on top of the box and send it.

Step 14: Think of something that is familiar to you.

It’s difficult to find where your significant other lives when there are certain things that are common where you live.Put a few of these items in the care package.Pick up some salt water taffy at a local candy shop if your significant other can’t find it in their area.

Step 15: There is an attractive box.

Don’t settle for a plain box.To give your care package a personal touch, find a cute box to store your items in.It is possible to find a box in your partner’s favorite color.You can decorate your own box.Draw hearts on the surface of your box if you want to do something really cute.Write something you love about your partner.

Step 16: The box should be decorated.

The inside of the box should be decorated as well.You could glue strips of fabric on the inside of the box.There is a picture on the bottom of the box.You can decorate it with stickers, draw on it, or use a stencil.

Step 17: Carefully store your items.

They don’t crush smaller, more delicate items if they store heavier items on the bottom.Bubble wrap should be used for breakable.You don’t want anything to break on the journey.Ensure the packages are sealed carefully if you’re sending food or drinks.You don’t want it to leak.Liquid items can be put in plastic bags if they break.Any spills will be contained.

Step 18: Send the package.

You can send your package in the mail once it’s decorated and packed.You can purchase stamps at your local post office.It is a good idea to check for an estimate of when the package will arrive.You may have to pay for faster shipping if you need it by a certain date.A tracking number is a good idea.You can track the package’s process online and give your partner an idea of when to look for it.