You can buy a pregnancy test.

If you’re pregnant, you can feel anxious or excited.You can find out if you’re pregnant by taking a home pregnancy test.Human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone made after a fertilized egg implants in the uterus.

Step 1: Take the number of days until you expect your period.

How sensitive your test needs to be is determined by where you are in your menstrual cycle.Did you pass the expected date?Some tests claim to detect pregnant women five days before their period, but studies show that very few tests do.If you test before your expected period date, there is a chance of false negatives.If you take a test at least one week after the first day of your expected period, it will be up to ninety-nine percent accurate.

Step 2: Understand how tests tell you if you’re pregnant.

The sensitivity of the test depends on how sensitive they are in detecting the hormone.Look for a test that can detect low international units per liter of urine.This will be labeled as a liquid.The sensitivity of a test is determined by the amount of water in it.If you test early, look for a test with a lower mIU level.

Step 3: You can purchase a digital or traditional test.

The words “pregnant” or “not pregnant” appear on digital tests to make it easier to read.The tests are more expensive.A strip of dye-based lines appear on traditional tests.One line means you aren’t pregnant, and two lines mean you are.If you can’t read the traditional test, consider buying a digital test.

Step 4: You can find a vendor.

Determine where you can get a test now that you know what you want.Many grocery stores, dollar stores and drugstores have tests for purchase.You can buy a test in your neighborhood if you are comfortable with it.If not, consider going to another neighborhood.You can get tests discreetly from online retailers.You can get a test from your doctor.If you can’t afford to pay for a test, pregnancy support centers often offer it for free.

Step 5: You can compare prices.

Go to nearby stores or look online to compare prices.If you have time, you can see what the prices are.It makes sense to check price differences if you plan to buy multiple tests.The quality of the generic brand tests should be the same as the brand name tests.

Step 6: Decide how many tests to buy.

Purchase at least two tests at a time based on your needs and budget.Your first test may have defects.Many early testers purchase multiple tests to verify their results as their period approaches.If you want to test daily or weekly, purchase multi-packs at a discounted rate.

Step 7: The test box has an expired date.

Make sure the test is valid.Purchase a different test if it is nearing the end.It is important that your test is still valid.You should discard a test if you don’t use it before it expires.

Step 8: You can buy the test.

Purchase the test at the counter if you are comfortable with it.Many drugstores now offer self check-out.You pay for your item with a credit card.No one has to know what you are buying.Regardless, there is no shame in buying a test for a baby.Asking a friend to purchase a test for you will make you feel more comfortable.If you aren’t with her, give her all the information she needs to make the right decision.You can have a test done when you make an appointment with your doctor.