Work is being done in Area 51.

Most people think of Area 51 as a place where crash-landed flying saucers are dug out of craters and scientists run tests on extraterrestrial life forms.The truth is that the top-secret base in the Nevada desert is used for military research, not government cover-ups.There is no authoritative guide on how to get a job at Area 51, but one thing is certain, you must be a U.S. citizen with an impressive knowledge of aeronautics.Engineers, test pilots, and military personnel are the majority of the workers at Area 51.

Step 1: Do you want to be an American citizen?

You need to hold citizenship in the U.S. to work at Area 51.Since the base is run by the military, outsiders are considered a security risk.A valid passport can be used as proof of citizenship.This does not mean that you are ineligible if you were not born in the United States.If you want to become an American citizen, you have to file for citizenship.

Step 2: Make sure you have a clean record.

Start doing everything by the book if you want to become a model citizen.Prospective employees are thoroughly screened before being allowed to work in Area 51.It will be important for you to have a clean background in order to be considered.Before you are invited to work at the base, you will be subjected to a series of background checks.If you can, say out of trouble.Minor offenses like traffic violations can be grounds for disqualification.

Step 3: Do you want to serve in the military?

You should begin working your way up the ranks once you have enlisted.Many of the higher-ups at Area 51 are former military personnel.The Navy and the Air Force tend to produce ace pilots who can fly high-pressure missions.Most of the research and testing at Area 51 has centered around experimental aircraft, which means there is a need for tight-lipped test pilots.

Step 4: Go to the Nevada area.

It is known that Area 51 is deep in the high desert of Nevada.If you want to someday work at the secret installation, you should move to the Southwest.If you live nearby, you may have a better chance of being stationed there.Several ex-Area 51 employees have gone on record to say they were based in the Las Vegas area.

Step 5: Specialize in aviation.

You can find a job as a pilot, engineer, or technician.The work done at Area 51 focuses on developing and testing new aircraft for secret government assignments.The more experience you have in flight industry, the better.There are flight mechanic programs.When it comes time to narrow down promising recruits, these credentials may give you a leg up.If you want to get a degree in aeronautics engineering, you have to go to college.

Step 6: Go to the top of the field.

Highly sensitive sites like Area 51 are only looked at by the U.S. military.If you are a low-ranking officer or part-timer, you will not be considered for such an important position.You need to have distinguished yourself in your career in order to be considered as a candidate.You need to learn everything you can about emerging flight technology and its role in military operations.

Step 7: Apply to work.

Joint contractors provide engineering support for the U.S. military.The major Navy and Air Force test sites are in the American Southwest.Area 51 supervisors have been known to hire out JT3 contractors for various projects, which suggests a link between the two entities.This is the closest you can get to applying for a job at Area 51.There is no guarantee that you will be assigned to Area 51, as the company also has headquarters in surrounding parts of Nevada, Southern California, and Utah.

Step 8: The CIA will recruit you.

If you want to see Area 51 from the inside, you have to improve your chances of being chosen.Experience working with a notable employer in the world of aeronautics, and the ability to be discreet about your work are some of the things that will help you.You don’t go for a career with the CIA because they are looking for you.Projects dealing with classified materials or high-level security clearance may work in your favor.

Step 9: Obtain a classified security clearance.

After you have been approved for clearance, the site’s security directors will give you the documentation you need to go.Your information and position at the base may be listed in this form of ID.It is important that you keep your security passes on you at all times.Area 51 is not open to the public.Everyone is allowed to be near the grounds if they have the proper clearance.Depending on your rank and level of clearance, your access to the network of facilities may be limited.

Step 10: There is a nondisclosure agreement.

One of the final steps to becoming an Area 51 operative is to fill out a series of forms requesting complete silence and cooperation.This step is not negotiable.They say that you agree to keep any mention of the base off the record.After the project has been officially declassified by the government, it will be legal to talk about it.

Step 11: You should keep what you see and hear to yourself.

If you are lucky enough to land a coveted contract at Area 51, you will want to keep it a secret.Not even your closest friends or family will be allowed to discuss the nature of your work with you.You can be satisfied that you are serving the U.S. government, which is responsible for keeping the people of the country safe.The types of projects taking place at the base could cause serious legal repercussions if they are revealed.Because of the demands it places on your life both personally and professionally, working at Area 51 may not be for everyone.