Which is the best certification for DevOps?

How useful is DevOps certification?

DevOps certifications can help people transition from other areas of IT into a new job role. … “However, certifications and the courses required to get there can help to fortify your knowledge, and/or help people transition from other areas of IT into DevOps as a new job role.”Jun 13, 2019

Is DevOps Institute certification worth it?

While many DevOps shops value demonstrable experience over paper, the reality is having DevOps certification training is useful, if for no other reason than you do have to acquire some baseline knowledge. For example, getting certified as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified DevOps Engineer is real work.Dec 12, 2017

Who certifies DevOps?

– Docker Certified Associate.
– Certified Kubernetes Administrator.
– Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer Expert.
– AWS Certified DevOps Engineer.
– Google’s Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer.
– Hashicorp certified Terraform Associate DevOps.

How do you get DevOps certified?

DevOps certification is an accredited credential that demonstrates specific competitive skills and subject matter required to be a successful DevOps professional. Obtained through various assessments, educational courses, or performance reviews, and they prove that the candidate met rigorous standards.Nov 9, 2021

Why DevOps certification is important?

The certification improves the skills of an individual in DevOps-specific technologies and processes needed for better results at the workplace. The certification helps in improving knowledge and expertise in tools such as Git, Chef, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Nagios, and Selenium.Dec 24, 2019

How valuable is DevOps?

DevOps is important because it’s a software development and operations approach that enables faster development of new products and easier maintenance of existing deployments.

Is DevOps Certification hard?

From a personal point of view, the AWS DevOps Engineer Professional certification is definitely a difficult exam. Therefore, candidates require hands-on experience with the AWS platform alongside comprehensive preparation to qualify the exam.Jul 29, 2020