Wear crop tops.

Crop tops areflattering for every body type.It is normal to be a little nervous if you are wearing one for the first time.Finding your favorite length and fit and keeping the look balanced with high waisted pants, shorts and skirts will make these trendy tops perfect for any occasion.

Step 1: You can choose a crop top length.

Some crop tops fall below the bra-line, while others stop above the belly button.Longer crop tops can cover most of the belly and leave a small strip of skin above your waist.Any length can be used with the right bottoms, so go with what makes you feel most comfortable.For the most flattering fit on any body type, go for a crop top that lands just above your natural waist.It’s a good idea to highlight the narrowest part of your torso, especially when you’re wearing high-waisted bottoms.

Step 2: It’s up to you to decide on a fit.

A tight crop top will look best with a looser pair of pants or skirt, if you are planning a night out.More relaxed, loose t-shirt or tank styles can be used with high-waisted jeans or shorts for a more casual look.

Step 3: Go with the style that makes you feel good.

Crop tops of all lengths and fits can suit any body type according to conventional wisdom, but a few social media or internet searches will show you that shorter, fitted crop tops are best suited to thinner girls.Try it on if you like it.You might be surprised by what flatters you.

Step 4: You can choose a tank top or crop top.

Go for a design with a loose fit that hangs straight around your waist.

Step 5: Pair it with shorts for a beachy look.

The shorts accentuate your waist for a casual but figure-flattering look while the loose crop top skims over your tummy.The waist of your shorts can be adjusted based on how much skin you want to show.A high-waisted pair with a loose, longer crop top could cover your whole torso, while a shorter top and lower-riding shorts could reveal a strip of skin.

Step 6: For cold weather, wear a crop top and jeans.

For the cooler months of the year, long-sleeve crop top sweaters are a great choice.This classic and figure-flattering pair doesn’t need any adornment except for a longer coat if it’s really cold.

Step 7: It’s a good idea to layer a short crop top under overalls.

The look is retro, modest and fun if you unbutton the sides of your overalls.You will not be able to tell from the front that you are wearing a crop top.

Step 8: To finish the look, wear casual sandals or sneakers.

Flat sandals or sneakers are good for keeping your look relaxed.

Step 9: A put-together look can be achieved with a printed top and bottom set.

A crop top and skirt set is a trendy, flattering style perfect for parties or even school dances.To make sure the prints match, pair the printed top with a printed bottom.The patterns that are off will clash.

Step 10: For a more conservative look, try a tie-front top.

Tie-front tops give a cute, retro vibe and cover a bit more skin than the usual crop top–just a little skin will show over your bottoms.Tie up a button-down shirt to make your own tie-front top.Since you can make the top short or long, this is a great way to ease into the crop top look.

Step 11: Wear a long skirt or pants.

A short, fitted crop top looks lovely with a loose skirt.For a flattering look, look for one that sits above your belly button on your natural waist.A pair of loose pants can complement a short crop top.

Step 12: Pair your crop top with shoes.

Matching high heels or wedges with a crop top is a must for a nice party.

Step 13: Accessorize with pretty jewelry.

Pearls or a thin necklace and bracelets add elegance to the look.

Step 14: You can wear a crop top and bottoms for a night out.

An all-black crop top with dark leggings or jeans is perfect for a night out.To complete the look, pair it with a zip-up jacket and high black boots.

Step 15: A longer, structured crop top is what you should choose.

Crop tops with structured elements aren’t too tight on your skin.While maintaining a workplace-appropriate look, front ties, collars, and sweeping fabric will flatter your figure.

Step 16: Pair your crop top with pants or a skirt.

Since you don’t want to expose your skin in a professional environment, high-waisted bottoms are a must.If you want a skirt or pants in a wide-cut style, go for a solid colored one.

Step 17: To cover up, wear a blazer or long coat.

A matching blazer or long coat is an added fashionable flair.It is easy to make the look more office appropriate with this quick and practical addition.

Step 18: The look is simple with heels and jewelry.

Crop tops look casual, so use your footwear and accessories to keep the outfit classy.Heels are the best option, but a nice pair of pointed-toe flats can also dress this look up.You can add a bit of sparkle with a simple necklace and stud earrings.