Train your fish to do tricks.

A pet dog or cat may seem more exciting than a pet fish.Your fish can be trained to interact with you and do tricks, just like any other pet.Oscars, Goldfish, and Bettas are the easiest fish to train.Betta fish are the most focused and easiest to train because they are kept alone in a bowl.

Step 1: You can put your finger on the outside of your aquarium tank.

Once you get your fish’s attention, reward it with food.Give your fish food if it responds to your finger.Shake your finger until your fish notices.If you want your fish to follow you, you can put your finger in the fish tank.Bettas are a type of fish that bite, so do some research on your breed fish before putting your finger in their tank.

Step 2: Get your fish to follow you.

You can reward your fish every time it follows your finger by moving it back and forth across the tank.Getting your fish to follow your finger is the first step, but it may be more difficult than you think.You can move your finger from side to side.Don’t reward your fish until it follows you.

Step 3: Repetition and rewards can be used to train fish.

Food is the most effective way to train your fish.Your fish will associate following your finger with being fed.You can teach your fish a variety of tricks once they understand that they will be fed for doing what you tell them to do.If you have pellets, use them for training.If you use pellets for training, your fish will like them.

Step 4: If you want your fish to swim through, you need a hoop.

If you want your fish to swim through, you’ll need a big hoop.Smaller fish could benefit from using a larger hoop earring or bracelet.You can make a larger hoop out of pipe cleaner.It’s a good idea to wash the hoop so that it doesn’t bring harmful organisms into your fish tank.Attach your hoop to a pole if you’re not comfortable putting your hand in the fish tank.To make it easier for your fish to swim through, start with a larger hoop.

Step 5: Put the ring in the water.

It’s easier to direct your fish to swim through the side of the aquarium if you put your hoop near the glass.If your fish is interested in the hoop right away, it will ignore it.

Step 6: Your fish should follow your finger through the hoop.

It’s a good idea to teach your fish to follow your finger.If you want your fish to follow you, move your finger across the glass of the fish tank.If you run your finger along the glass where the hoop is, your fish will swim through it.Your fish should start to catch on after a few tries.

Step 7: Every time your fish swims through the hoop, give it a treat.

This will help teach your fish how to swim.If you practice this trick with your fish daily, it will become a regular trick.The trick of swimming through large hoops is more difficult once your fish has mastered it.Adding more hoops for your fish will help you perform a more impressive trick.If you want to learn how to teach your fish to swim through hoops, check out Teach Your Betta Fish to Swim Through a Hoop.

Step 8: The fish tank should be decorated like an obstacle course.

Plants, arches, and hoops can be used.It is necessary to make your fish tank into an obstacle course.Once you’ve taught your fish how to swim, they should be able to do it on their own.It may take some time to teach your fish how to swim.

Step 9: You can lead your fish with a treat.

Once your fish has mastered that trick, you should lead it through the obstacle course.Once your fish learns the obstacles, make them harder.If you want to lead your fish around, use a treat on a string or hood.If you want your fish to follow you around the tank, you may not be able to use your finger.Put a treat on a hook, stick, or string and move it around the course to get the fish to follow it.Make sure the fish doesn’t get the treat until the course is over.

Step 10: Reward your fish with a treat after it completes the obstacle course.

Positive reinforcement will help train your fish.Give them a treat when they complete the obstacle course.Remove the treat from the hook before feeding it to the fish.

Step 11: Feed your fish with your hands.

Your fish will learn that seeing your hand means they are getting fed.Your fish will know what to expect when it comes time for feeding if you make this a normal routine.This will help your fish to trust you.

Step 12: Train your fish to swim.

Place your fingers in the water to get your fish’s attention.They should be able to swim to the surface.As you place them in the water, hold some food in your fingertips.You should not feed them food until they perform the trick.

Step 13: You can hold your fish’s food above the water.

You can dangle some of their food above the water after you’ve gotten their attention.Encourage your fish if they don’t jump for the food right away.Pull the food from the water as your fish approaches.The fish should jump from the water to eat their food.

Step 14: Reward your fish with some treats when they jump out of the water.

This positive reinforcement will show them that jumping from the water will give them an extra treat, as opposed to just their regular food.