There is a puppy in an apartment.

It’s difficult to potty train a puppy in an apartment since you can’t let it outside.It’s important to start early and be consistent.If you put your dog on a feeding schedule, you can predict when she’ll need to go outside and reward her for good behavior.Before you know it, your puppy will run to the door and wag her tail.You can learn how to potty train a puppy in an apartment.

Step 1: It’s a good idea to take your puppy outside frequently.

If you want to increase the chances of a young puppy peeing outside, you need to give her the chance to go outside every 20 minutes.Older puppies can’t hold their bladder for more than an hour or two so they need to relieve themselves frequently.If you want to avoid accidents, take your puppy outside once an hour.Your puppy will learn to associate going to the bathroom with going outside.You can watch for signs that your puppy needs to relieve herself once you know her.Take her outside when you see the signs.It’s important that you are available to meet the needs of a puppy at all times of the day.It might take her a long time to understand what she’s supposed to do when she needs to go to the bathroom if you leave her alone in the apartment all day.A friend can stay with her if you can’t be there all day.

Step 2: You should feed your puppy at the same time every day.

You can better predict when she will need to go outside with this.Feed your puppy a few times a day.After every meal, take your puppy outside to drink from her water bowl.

Step 3: There is a designated place for your puppy to relieve herself.

She will remember what she’s supposed to do if she goes to the same spot every time.You might not be able to get to the closest park if you live in an apartment building.Pick a patch of grass close to your apartment entrance that your puppy won’t have an accident on the way.Follow your city’s dog waste disposal rules.Pick up your puppy with a bag.Dog urine is bad for flowers, so try to find a public spot that isn’t being tended by a gardener.A sign warning dog owners to stay away is a common sight near city apartment buildings.

Step 4: Use a command to teach your puppy how to relieve herself.

When you put her in the designated spot, say something like “go potty” or “potty”.Language can be used to strengthen the puppy’s association with the spot.Don’t use the word indoors, just use it in the special spot.

Step 5: Reward your puppy when she is outside.

The best way to train a puppy is to reinforce good behavior.Giving your puppy a treat and praise will make her want to do it again.Give your puppy some cuddles by saying “good girl” or ” good boy” in a loving tone.Each time she does well, you can give her a small treat.Consistency is important in order for positive reinforcement to work effectively.Your puppy should be praised every time she relieves herself outside.She’s still learning correct behavior in the first few months.

Step 6: Make your puppy go to a certain area in the apartment.

A child or dog gate can be used to gate off the kitchen.During the first few months, keeping your puppy in one place allows you to keep an eye on her so you can take her outside when she needs to relieve herself.If she has too much freedom, she will go to the bathroom before you can catch her.After your puppy learns to signal to you that she needs to go outside either by moving toward the door or looking at it, she is ready to spend time in the rest of the apartment.She’s ready when she doesn’t have many accidents in the apartment.

Step 7: There is an indoor bathroom spot.

If your apartment is on a high floor, it might be difficult to get outside in time for your puppy to go to the bathroom.If you have a small dog who makes manageable messes, you can consider paper training her instead of taking her outside.You can buy newspapers and training pads at the pet store.Carrying your puppy to the papers each time she has to go is the same training method you would use for an outdoor bathroom spot.Reward her when she succeeds.A sod box is a good place to eliminate your puppy.Put dog litter on top of newspapers by filling a shallow plastic container.When you clean up after an accident your puppy will associate the smell of urine with her bathroom spot, and you can place the dirty paper towels or rags in the designated area.

Step 8: While you’re away, keep your puppy in a crate.

Being in a small, cozy crate makes puppies feel safe and secure.If you use a crate as a form of punishment, it should be your puppy’s personal safe place.If you want your puppy to go to the bathroom before you put her in the crate, make sure you take her outside.Puppies can sleep for up to 4 hours.If your puppy has an accident in the night, you should put the crate with towels in it.If you hear your puppy barking, take her outside to relieve herself and put her back in the crate.When she relieves herself, be sure to reward her.

Step 9: Right away, clean up accidents.

If your puppy has an accident in her crate, be sure to clean it up and make sure it doesn’t smell like urine.The puppy will want to relieve herself in the same spot if the area smells like urine.

Step 10: Your puppy shouldn’t be scolded for having an accident.

Negative reinforcement makes puppies afraid and they don’t respond well to it.Pick up your puppy and take her to the bathroom in your apartment.Reward her when she completes her work there and then take her back inside.Don’t spank your puppy if you see her having an accident.It won’t help her learn to relieve herself if you teach her to be afraid of you.If you find a mess in your apartment after the deed has been done, don’t rub your puppy’s nose in it or try to discipline her.It confuses the puppy.The puppy should be taken outside more often to clean up the mess.