There is a pass time at the airport.

If you know how to use your time at the airport, you won’t have to deal with a long layover or delayed flight.If you want to explore for yourself, ask an information desk what unique amenities your airport has.There are opportunities for relaxation, entertainment, and even productive work when there is a boring layover.

Step 1: You can go to an airport lounge.

After paying a fee, all passengers now have access to the lounges, which are usually free for First Class or frequent flyers.They offer comfortable seating, newspapers and magazines, food and wi-fi access, and some have showers or screen films as well.You can ask at the front desk of the lounge if you qualify for entry or not.

Step 2: You can sleep in the terminal.

You can find a comfortable chair.If you bring along noise-canceling headphones, a neck pillow, and an eye mask, you can upgrade your sleeping experience, but make sure to set an alarm on your phone or ask someone to wake you up if you miss your flight.cots are offered to passengers with delayed or canceled flights.Ask the staff what the policy is.

Step 3: Take a bite to eat.

If you have a longer layover, airports offer nicer sit-down restaurants.If nothing looks good in your terminal, ask an employee what your food options are.If your flight is delayed or you have a long layover, some airlines will give you meal vouchers to use in the airport or outside.Even if your airline doesn’t offer them in its official policy, you should ask at the ticket counter.It never hurts to ask, as some airline personnel might offer them anyways.

Step 4: Go around the airport.

Go for a stroll after stretching out your legs.Dallas/Fort Worth in Texas and Phoenix Sky Harbor in Arizona have walking paths in their airports.

Step 5: meditate in a quiet room or go to a chapel.

Relax away from the bustle and stress of the terminal by taking advantage of these quiet spaces.London Heathrow Airport in England has faith representatives on call.

Step 6: Start a conversation.

It is possible to meet people in an airport you would never cross paths with elsewhere.Start by asking, “Where are you headed to today?”If someone is not interested in talking with you, don’t try and force a conversation on them, because some people prefer not to make conversation when they travel.It doesn’t hurt to say hello.

Step 7: There is a spa.

Full beauty treatments, manicures and pedicures, and massages are available at some airports.Before you arrive, check out what the airport has to offer.

Step 8: Don’t forget to read a new book.

Most airports have newsstands or small bookstores.Take advantage of your time to read a current best-seller or classic that you haven’t read yet.

Step 9: You can play a game.

Most board games are portable and can be played on-the-go, or you can bring a book of crosswords to pass the time.A deck of cards is needed to play a game with other travelers.

Step 10: Either knit or crochet.

Bring along a small knitting, crochet or needlepoint project to keep your fingers busy.Pick a pattern that is easy to memorize and print out a paper copy.Knitting and crochet needles and scissors smaller than 4 inches (10 cm) are allowed in your carry-on bag, but thread cutters or needlepoint tools that contain blades will need to be checked.

Step 11: Observe your fellow travelers.

It can be fun to sit and watch the people at the airport.Imagine where they could be going and what their life story would be.

Step 12: You can use your mobile phone, iPad, or handheld games console.

Listen to music, watch a film, play a game, or take pictures of planes.If you pre-load your device with videos or activities, you won’t have to worry about using up your data or running out of battery.

Step 13: There are unique entertainment options at the airport.

You can research the airport to find entertainment options.An aquarium, indoor gardens, and live music can be found at some airports.There are small exhibits at many airports.If your destination has an interesting attraction, plan your route to see it.

Step 14: You can hook up to the internet.

You might have to pay for access to faster or longer- lasting connections at most airports.Before you go to the terminal, you should know what access is available at your airport.

Step 15: Work from anywhere.

You can use your free time if you bring work or study materials.If you want to work on a table, set up shop in a food court or find a gate that isn’t used for a quieter spot.

Step 16: Get some exercise.

In San Francisco and Dallas/Fort Worth, airports have yoga rooms.If a gym isn’t available, do a few simple exercises like pushups, jumping jacks, or squats for a quick pre-flight workout in the terminal.Before you start working out, make sure your airport gym has a shower.

Step 17: You can shop in the terminal.

Most airports have small gift shops and big malls.If you want to buy last-minute gifts or treat yourself to a book, make sure your purchases fit in your carry-on luggage or ask if the store can ship them to you.There are duty-free shops in international airports.