There is a fake MAC Cosmetics product.

Many people try to purchase MAC makeup for less than the retail price, because it is a very popular and expensive brand.Many look on to purchase makeup at a discounted rate without realizing that there are sellers who try to make money by selling counterfeit products.The fake products can be harmful to your skin.If you suspect that something is fake, don’t use it for your own health, and report it to the MAC.

Step 1: There is a logo on the packaging.

The logo and style of the packaging used by MAC is very sleek and stylized.The logo will either be stretched or manipulated in some way, or it will be placed in a different area of the packaging than it would normally be.The MAC logo is usually centered on its genuine products but a counterfeit may position it at the top or bottom.Capital letters are used for all of the packaging and lettering.You already have a MAC product that is not counterfeit, so compare the lettering on the package to that.You may have a fake if you see obvious differences.

Step 2: The casing should be studied.

There are tiny glitter particles on the surface of the products, giving them a subtle shimmer.Counterfeit products are usually dull or have a different sheen.They are often larger and bulkier than the real thing.

Step 3: Look at the labels.

The bottom of the case is a good indicator of whether or not the product is genuine.All caps on their labels are either gray with black print or white with a light gray print.The fonts used by counterfeit manufacturers are bulkier and less sleek.

Step 4: Look at the product.

The lipsticks have a sweet scent.The fakes smell like cheap perfume or plastic.You should be able to smell the product if you take a whiff.

Step 5: You can check the name of the product.

Some fakes have a name, but it may not be the real thing.Simply go to and click on the magnifying glass symbol in the upper right hand corner to find out.You can use the name of the product.If it doesn’t show up, it’s either a discontinued product or a fake.

Step 6: Rub the product on your finger.

If you are swatching a pressed powder such as eyeshadow or blush, you should press the pad of your finger lightly on the surface of the makeup and rub it in circles a few times.The product will be lifted onto your finger.Look at the consistency of the product.The fakes are softer than the real products.Don’t be fooled by this.Rub the makeup directly onto the skin if you are swatching it.Run the tip of a lipstick directly onto the surface of the skin to see how it looks.You can use a brush if you don’t want to use your fingers.To coat the bristles with enough product to transfer them to your skin, Rub the brush on the product.You can get a makeup brush at any beauty supply store.

Step 7: You can smudge your finger on the inside of your arm.

Once you have some of the product on your finger, gently rub it on the inside of your arm, where the skin is soft and hairless.It is possible to do this on the back of your hand.The goal is to see how makeup looks on the skin.

Step 8: Look at the makeup’s color.

If you want to see the color of your skin, you have to go over the surface of it two or more times.You can see the discrepancies between the two products if you watch it next to a similar product.

Step 9: Look at the pictures.

Look at the pictures closely to see how much detail the seller is giving.It is possible to purchase a product if you can clearly see the labels.It is best to avoid purchasing from that seller if you are unsure.

Step 10: Think about the cost.

Chances are that it is a fake product if the deal is too good to be true.If an item is being sold for $10 and the retail price is $30, you should not buy it.

Step 11: If you want to purchase directly from the source, consider it.

If you want to avoid the hassle of buying fake MAC products, consider buying the makeup directly from the counter or ordering it online.It will give you confidence that you will be getting a genuine product.

Step 12: You can report counterfeits to MAC.

If you see fake makeup from an unauthorized seller or boutique, contact MAC to report it.You can do this by visiting their website at and clicking on the Counterfeit Education menu at the bottom of the page.If you have information about the seller, you can call the 800-number provided on the website.Whether it is eBay, an independent boutique or other, the product(s) that are being sold, and the trademark details.