The game is called the Peg Game.

The “Peg Game” can be found in a number of restaurants.There is a small wooden triangle board with 15 holes in it and 14 pegs.The player is supposed to jump the pegs until there is only one left.Here’s an easy strategy to win the game and impress your family and friends because some of the games state that if you can complete them, you’re a genius.

Step 1: You have to learn the rules.

The point of the game is to remove pegs from the board.To jump a peg, you need an empty space next to it.If the peg you jump is adjacent to an open space, you can use it as a jumper.You have to remove every peg you jump.When there is only one peg left, you win.

Step 2: Understand the structure of the board.

There are 15 spaces on the board.There are two points in the triangle, the top one being position 1 and the bottom one position 15.Keep in mind that this list will use this numbering scheme when describing moves.

Step 3: The puzzle has a theory behind it.

There is a mathematical explanation for the puzzle.There are some highlights to keep in mind that will help you solve the puzzle, but this isn’t all necessary to win the game.You can mess the game up with two bad moves.The puzzle becomes impossible to solve after just two bad moves.Make your moves count.Carefully plan your moves.50% of the time you’ll end up with an unsolvable puzzle if you move randomly.There are many solutions to the puzzle.Modifications of two main solution patterns are what all those solutions are about.

Step 4: Start the game.

Start with an empty position.The top point of the triangle is here.The most common method of solving the puzzle is this one.There are grey circles, red circles and blue holes in the videos.

Step 5: The diamond shape should be made.

The pattern can be repeated throughout the board to help you win the game.Jump over the peg in position 2 if you want to.In position 1 it will be.To jump position 5, use the peg in position 6.It will now be in the middle of the road.To jump position 3, use the peg in position 1.It will now be in the middle of the road.You will get the diamond base from these moves.

Step 6: There are two groups of pegs.

The pegs will be divided into two groups, one on each side of the triangle, after the next set of moves.The peg should be moved from position 7 to position 2.peg 13 should be moved to position 4.Move peg 10 to position 8.You should now have two groups of pegs, with 5 on each side.

Step 7: The triangle should be separated in two.

The next set of steps will divide the triangle into two parts.peg 2 should be moved to position 7.Take the same peg and move it to position 9.peg 15 will be moved to position 13.

Step 8: The last pegs should be in the bottom row.

You will have three final pegs in the bottom row.peg 12 should be moved into position 14.Next move to position 13 is peg 6.There are three pegs left in the bottom row.

Step 9: The last moves need to be completed.

peg 14 was moved to position 12.The last move is peg 11 to position 13.

Step 10: Win the game.

The peg should be in the 13th hole.Thank you!You’ve finished the game.