Text a girl you like.

You get the number of a girl you like, but what do you do next?Texting is the best way to grab her attention if you’re too nervous to call.To text a girl you like, you just have to know how to flirt.Keep reading if you want to get some tips for texting a girl.

Step 1: Don’t be boring.

If you can, send a text to your girl that isn’t just a message from a guy.Don’t just say hello or send her a message; find a way to make her happy or interest her.”Hey, there’s something special about this guy, do whatever you have to do to make her think so.”I want to keep talking to him.Charm her with your wit and be original.A witty observation will show the girl your unique way of looking at the world.Make her laugh.Show her that you can be smart.Tell her something that she hasn’t heard before.Share your knowledge if you just heard an amazing piece of news that will make her jaw drop.

Step 2: Ask a good question.

If you start with a question, your girl will know that you’re waiting for an answer.”What am I supposed to say to that?” is something you don’t want to ask her.The more specific you are, the better.You can ask a question about her day or week.Ask how it went if she had an important event on the horizon.She can easily answer the question.Ask the girl what she’s doing for the 4th of July, not about the meaning of life.It should be simple.A short sentence can convey a large message.Keep it open-ended.What time did you get home from the concert?How was the concert last night?This will allow your girl to work with you more.If you ask a question that can only be answered in a few words, you may be cutting off the conversation before it had a chance to start.

Step 3: Don’t forget to watch your spelling.

You should make sure to watch your spelling before you text the girl.You don’t have to sound like F. Scott Fitzgerald to show the girl that you care about her.When you need to use capital letters, take the time to do it.If you want to use dashes and semi-colons in your texts, just give them the same scans you would give to an email before you send it.

Step 4: Don’t try too hard.

She will be able to tell right away if you’re trying too hard.Don’t go out of your way to say something that sounds like you just because you think it will impress her.The girl will be able to tell you’re doing it right away if you try too hard.Relax.Don’t send her a long text message.It’s just one sentence at a time.Don’t try to be funny all the time.If being funny comes natural to you, great, but if you find yourself writing “haha” after your own sentences to show her that you’re making a joke, then you should take a step back.Remember that your girl is also a little nervous.This will make you feel better about talking.Don’t worry about trying to say the perfect thing.

Step 5: Don’t be boring.

Show your girl that you can keep up a good conversation on the phone.She thinks you can hold up your end of a conversation in person.Your goal in texting the girl you like is to give her a glimpse of your personality and make her want more.The girl will keep wanting to talk to you if you fascinate her.It’s possible to find a common interest.While texting, you should find a common interest because you don’t have to discuss your political or religious beliefs.This will allow you to continue even if it’s just a TV show.Mention that you’re a fan of soccer or cooking pasta.This will catch her attention.It’s a good idea to say you’re willing to spend time on things that interest you.Tell her if you’re hanging out with friends or practicing with your band.If she knows you have a life, she will be more interested in you.You should show off your wit.Don’t just say “Ha ha” if she says something funny.Show her that you can keep up by saying something funny.

Step 6: It’s a good idea to flirt.

If you flirt with her, she will want to keep talking to you, and you will give her the hint that you’re into her.She will want you to back off if you flirt too much.Be playful and keep up the conversation.Make a silly comment at the right time.A woman doesn’t like a guy who takes himself too seriously.Tease her.Wait for her to tease you back if you know her well.She should know that you’re joking if she can pick up on your tone from the text.Don’t be afraid to say something.It’s a great way to flirt, though you shouldn’t use them too often.

Step 7: Show you care about her.

There are a few ways to show the girl that you care about her.Sending a text at the right time can let her know that you’re thinking about her and that she’s important to you.Show your girl that you value her opinion and care about her.Ask her what she thinks about a movie that’s playing or a new restaurant that just opened.Ask her questions that are open-ended.If it comes up, you should ask her what she likes to do on the weekends.Don’t forget to show that you remember your conversations.If she told you that she had a big test coming up, impress her by sending her a text the night before.

Step 8: Don’t get too carried away.

You have to make sure that your feelings are reciprocated and that you don’t bombard her with texts that are not welcome.You can show you’re interested, but not come off as needy, annoying, or just plain embarrassing.Make sure there’s an equal flow of conversation if you want to avoid coming on too strong.It’s time to back off if you text her ten times.The second you hear from her, don’t text her.It will take her a day to get back to you.Five minutes after she finally responds, you will seem overeager and desperate.It’s important to keep it cool, confident and comfortable.Don’t use excessive emoticons.It’s a great way to flirt, but don’t use it too much.It’s a good idea to avoid crazy punctuation.

Step 9: Know when it’s time to stop talking.

If you want to keep your girl interested, you should stop texting at the right time, or she will get bored with your lengthy exchanges.Whether the girl seems busy or not, it’s important to know when to stop texting and try again.If the girl is always the one to end the conversation, then maybe you should avoid texting her for a while.The girl may not be interested enough to chat with you if she only gives you one word responses.Maybe it’s time to take it easy if the girl takes hours to text you back.You should respect the fact that she has her own life to deal with.Don’t be upset, leave it in peace and be positive.There is an opportunity to connect with her.

Step 10: Leave with a positive note.

It will be easy for you to chat again if you leave the conversation open.You can tell the girl that you are looking forward to seeing her later, or tell her what you will be doing that evening so you can talk about it later.At the end of the conversation, you should tell her that you hope she has fun wherever she goes.There is a way to let her know that you are thinking of her.Don’t do this too much at first, make sure the feelings are mutual, but tell her “good morning” and ” good night” at the appropriate times in the day.You may come off as needy or annoying.Let her know where you’re going.She might take it as a sign that you would like to meet her.

Step 11: If you feel like you and her are having a great time talking, then ask her out.

Let it happen naturally.That won’t be the end of the world if she says no.Go for it if it’s going well.You don’t have to be formal about it.Tell her that you’re going to a bar, restaurant, or concert with a few friends and ask if she and her friends want to come.If you’re having a long and detailed conversation, you can say, “I’d love to pick up this conversation in person.”We should keep talking over dinner or a drink.It’s a date.