Tell me if your Goldfish is an adult.

Goldfish are not fully grown until they are two or three years old.If you look at the physical characteristics of your goldfish, you can see if it has reached maturity.The fish can be sexually mature or not.If you have had your fish for a while and it has not matured, you may need to make sure that you are providing adequate tank conditions to encourage its growth.

Step 1: Tell me what type of goldfish you have.

There are different types of goldfish.If you know what breed you have, you can determine the growth and coloring of your fish.A common or comet goldfish may be metallic yellow or orange with white markings.These are marked by their tails.If your goldfish is metallic yellow or orange, it may be a veiltail or a fantail.If your goldfish has bulging eyes, it’s probably a black moor.A shubunkin is a fish with calico markings.The colors include orange, white, gray, blue, and yellow.

Step 2: Look at the color.

The age of your goldfish can be determined by its color.The most common time for a goldfish to change color is the first year.A bronze or brown coloring indicates that the goldfish is under a year old.It is most likely an adult between one and two years of age if it has a gold metallic color.Black Moor juvenile may be silver or dark gray before turning to black as an adult.Blue is the most prominent color in adults.As they grow older, some goldfish turn white.

Step 3: There is a shape of the caudal fin.

The back of the fish has a caudal fin.The age of the fish can be indicated by this.A young goldfish has a rounded fin.The points of the adult’s caudal fin are well defined.There is a pronounced caudal fin for Goldfish with flowing tails.The veiltail and fantail varieties are included.As it grows older, its tail will grow in length.As an adult, Veiltail’s caudal fin can grow to two inches.

Step 4: Take a look at its size.

After a year and two years, a common goldfish will be around 5 inches (12.7 cm) in size.You can see how big your goldfish has become by looking at it.If you keep your goldfish in a small bowl, it may grow slower.Size may not be a good indicator of maturity.Some goldfish can grow to over 12 inches in length.

Step 5: Wait for it to be the right size.

It is not possible to tell the sex of your fish before it is three inches in length.This is when the sexual characteristics of your fish begin to develop.Sexual characteristics occur after one year of age, although fish in aquariums may take longer to mature.

Step 6: You should check for physical breeding characteristics.

If you want to breed your goldfish, you should watch for the development of breeding characteristics at around one year of age.There are small white spots on the operculum.These white spots are called tubercles.When a female is ready to breed, her abdomen will become larger.It is impossible to accurately sex your fish before it has developed these physical characteristics, as males tend to be smaller and slimmer than females.

Step 7: Mating behavior is something to watch for.

Male fish will chase female fish around the tank when it’s time to mate.You may see it bumping into the female’s stomach area when it swims close to her.Female fish lay eggs if they see hundreds of clear, spherical eggs.This is a sign of sexual maturity.The Black Moor or Shubunkin goldfish only mate in the summer, while the common goldfish can mate at any time of the year.In the spring, goldfish that live in ponds will mate.

Step 8: Do you know where you got your fish?

It is likely to be small and young if you bought it from a pet store.It’s possible that the pet store didn’t give the fish enough space as a young fry, which will affect its growth for the rest of its life.You may be unsure of the fish’s parentage, as a fish only grows as large as its parents.If you want your fish to reach its full size or sexual maturity, you should buy it from a breeder.

Step 9: The fish need a lot of space to grow.

If you don’t have a proper tank, your goldfish’s growth may be affected.It’s possible that your goldfish won’t reach sexual maturity or its full adult size.The build up of waste in a confined bowl of water is what does the damage.Low oxygen levels in small bowls can affect your fish’s growth.A Goldfish should be kept in at least 48 gallons of water.Each additional fish needs 14 gallons.A single fancy Goldfish can be kept in 36 gallons (136.3 L), with 12 gallons (45.4 L) per additional fish.

Step 10: The tank water needs to be kept clean and warm.

The water temperature should be between 60 and 70 degrees F.If you want your fish to reach sexual maturity, this is important.Some goldfish die young because of poor water conditions.To keep the water clean, you should replace 20% of the tank’s water every two weeks.The water in your aquarium needs to be clean and oxygenated.