Take care of how many days are in a month.

Do you have to remember the number of days in a month?It’s possible that you don’t always have a calendar handy.It is easier to memorize the number of days in a month.There are a few tricks you can use to remember the days.There’s a common poem people use to remember, and you can also use a trick involving the knuckles of your hands.Common tricks can be used to improve your memory if this fails.

Step 1: The first half of the poem should be remembered.

The days in the months are taught in a nursery rhyme.The first line tells you how many months there are.30 days have September, April, June, and November.September, April, June, and November each have 30 days.You may have to repeat it a few times.

Step 2: The second half needs to be remembered.

February is a short month and the months have 31 days.”When February is over, all the rest have 31.”Excluding September, April, June, November, and February, the months have 31 days.As with the first line, you may have to repeat this line a few times.After you memorize the first and second lines, try repeating the whole poem a few times.This will help you remember the whole poem.

Step 3: For every line, remember a single word.

A simple trick can help you remember.Try to remember a key word from each line of the poem, and find a way to associate that word with the line.Something to do with that month reminds you of the rest.Most schools start in September.You can imagine a student getting 30 by using 10 by 3.”30 days has September” may help you remember.The 30 set a symbol.September could have a book and April an umbrella.There could be a turkey in November and a sun in June.Continue using tricks like this throughout the rest of the poem.This will help you remember it.

Step 4: You can listen to the recordings.

Simple repetition is a good way to memorize poetry.Listen to the poem online.There are recordings of the poem on a website.Try to memorize the lines from the recordings by playing them over and over again.You can use this to memorize the poem.You can record yourself saying the poem with your phone or computer if you can’t find a recording online.While you recite the poem, play the recording back to yourself.

Step 5: You can make a small change to remember leap years.

February is only one month and some people don’t have a hard time remembering the days.If you forget the days in February, you can memorize an altered version of the poem.30 days has September, April, June, and November.The rest have 31.Save February, with 28 days clear and 29 leap years.You can use the same tricks you used to memorize the first version of the poem.

Step 6: Put your hands into fists.

The number of days in a month can be remembered using your knuckles.Put your hands into fists.Hold your fists in front of you.When you push your fists together, make sure your two thumbs and two index fingers are touching.

Step 7: You should count the months working with your knuckles and grooves.

The leftmost knuckle is where you should start.You can count the months by moving across your fists.Start with the knuckle on your left hand.The knuckle is made by your left hand.January is this month.Go to the right of your left knuckle.The grooves between the knuckle are made by your ring and pinky fingers.February is here.Keep moving across your hands, naming each knuckle and rearranging the month.

Step 8: You don’t need to count the knuckles on your thumbs.

Move immediately to the knuckle made by your right index finger when you reach the left knuckle.Do not count the gap between your hands.The knuckle should be made in July.The knuckle should be made in August.

Step 9: The months that land on a knuckle have 31 days.

January, March, May, July, August, October, and December are the months.The months have 31 days.

Step 10: The months that land on a grooves have 30 days.

February, April, June, September, and November are the months that land on the grooves of your knuckles.The months have 30 days.If you don’t end up with these months landing on your grooves, you might have skipped a knuckle, or counted the gap between your hands.Go slower after starting over.

Step 11: An acronym is something to try.

You can use an acronym to remember the months.An acronym is a memory device in which you use the first letter in a group of terms to make up a word or sentence.You can use this to remember the days in a month.”Sarah And June Nap” is the first letter of September, April, June, and November.There are 31 days in January, March, May, July, August, and October.The letters D, J, M, O,J, and A make up the first letter.

Step 12: A device that can be used to remember things.

An image with information can help you remember.Picture hearts forming the numbers 2 and 8 if you want to remember that February has 28 days.February is related to hearts.

Step 13: There are ways to connect months.

It’s easier to remember if you can find ways to make connections between months.It’s easier to remember facts if you make a connection.September, April, June, and November all have 30 days.The school year begins in September and ends in June.The Christmas season begins on the day after Thanksgiving.Since there are so many months, you can still find small connections between small groups of months.January is cold and dreary, while March is rainy.Halloween is a frightening holiday.These months have certain qualities that are frightening.