Start an ice cream truck business.

An ice cream truck business can be a great way to make money and connect with customers in the neighborhood.A successful ice cream truck business can allow you to earn a decent income and teach you how to be a good small business owner.Your costs and capital should be outlined in a business plan.You can establish the ice cream truck business by setting up the truck.

Step 1: Take a look at the costs of the truck.

A reliable van or truck that is large enough to hold ice cream can cost tens of thousands of dollars.This will be the largest upfront cost for the business.If you want to save money on the van or truck, you should make sure it runs well.It’s possible to find a van that already has freezers in it to save on costs.

Step 2: Determine the cost of permits and insurance.

Depending on where you live, what vehicle you are using for the business, and your personal driving history, the exact cost for insurance will be different.It may cost hundreds of dollars.You will need a permit for the ice cream truck.This depends on where you live.In a smaller city, a vendor permit can be as low as $50-$200.Permits may be more expensive in larger cities.Small business owners can find out the costs for insurance and permits on local government websites.

Step 3: Take the cost of inventory into account.

You should consider the cost of ice cream in a variety of ways.You can also sell ice cream cones and popsicles.It may be easier to sell sandwiches and bars of ice cream from the tub.You will need to replenish the inventory regularly as the cost of inventory will be an ongoing cost.If you start with $500 worth of stock, you can replenish it as needed.

Step 4: The costs of gas and labor should be noted.

Depending on how often you drive the truck and travel with it, you will likely have to refuel two to three times a week.Take a look at gas prices in your area and budget for one to two tanks of gas every few days.The cost of labor should be considered.Ice cream trucks are usually smaller and have one person working at a time.The labor costs may be zero if you are going to work the ice cream truck.

Step 5: Determine the start-up capital you need.

You should think about how much capital you have when you identify the start-up costs of the business.You might be able to use your savings to fund the business.Maybe you will work your current job to save for the start-up costs of the business.Friends or family may be able to help fund the start-up capital for the business.You can take out a business loan from a bank for the ice cream business if you are in good financial standing.

Step 6: A budget is needed to maintain the business.

Expenses should be covered in the budget once the business is up and running.Day to day expenses could include inventory, gas, and truck maintenance.Budget $2500 for monthly expenses in your business plan.Your budget should include projected revenue for the business.The average ice cream truck can make up to $300 a day.Your revenue should always be more than your expenses.

Step 7: You should get a truck.

Decide which type of truck you want.You can invest in a small ice cream truck that can fit one freezer or a bigger truck with more freezers and more inventory.There are ice cream trucks for sale.If friends or family have a truck for sale with the right specifications, you can use it for your business.You can ask the ice cream truck vendors what type of truck they have.You can get a used ice cream truck if you want to cut down on startup costs.Before buying a truck, you should test drive it.Before buying a truck, you should have an auto mechanic inspect it to make sure it’s a good investment.

Step 8: The truck should be dressed for the business.

The ice cream truck should have a counter window for customers to place their orders.You can either set up a waffle cone maker in the truck or have a stack of cones on hand.Customers can put on their own ice cream with the help of a cabinet or tray in the truck.There is a menu board, spoons, cups, napkins, and a cash box in the truck.

Step 9: Get the inventory.

Decide how many flavors of ice cream you want to sell.Ice cream bars and ice cream sandwiches can be sold.You can start with one to three flavors of ice cream.You can choose from a classic flavor like chocolate or one to two unique flavors.If there is room in the truck, you can invest in soft serve ice cream machines.

Step 10: Obtain a permit for a business.

You will need a permit or license to operate the truck on the street.Contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles for more information.You should not attempt to operate the business without a permit.This can lead to a large fine.

Step 11: There is a health inspection on the truck.

Before you get the truck running, you should have a health inspector check it to make sure it’s food safe.The ice cream truck will be inspected by the inspector to make sure it’s stored properly.To find a licensed health inspector, contact your local Better Business Bureau or Department of Consumer Affairs.You can post the approval of the health inspector on the truck for display to let customers know that it has been deemed food safe.

Step 12: The ice cream truck has a brand.

The truck should be painted with the business name and logo on it.The paint job on the truck should be done by a professional.The classic ice cream truck song needs to be set up so you can play it and let customers know the truck is on the street.If you want to get ideas for the branding of your ice cream truck, you can look at how other vendors present their trucks.You can find ice cream vendors online.

Step 13: During the summer season.

During the warm summer months people are more likely to be outside and want ice cream.You will make less money if you stay open during the cold months.The start of summer is a good time to plan the opening so you can take advantage of the weather and have as many customers as possible.You can make money year round if you live in a warm climate.If the weather is sunny and warm all the time, it may not matter if you open in the summer or winter.

Step 14: A route can be established in a neighborhood.

The area has a lot of foot traffic and is densely populated.You can start in your neighborhood and drive around to other neighborhoods.You can go to an outdoor area that has a lot of foot traffic.It will be easier for customers to buy from you again if you stick to a regular route.If you want to connect with people in a community, make an effort.This will help your truck become known by word of mouth and will encourage them to buy from you again.

Step 15: The truck can be promoted on social media.

Set up social media accounts for the ice cream truck.You can follow other businesses in the area and post updates to your followers.You can let people know the location of the truck so they can find it.Customers will stay interested in the ice cream truck if there is an active social media presence.Let your social media followers know if you have any specials or promotions at the truck.

Step 16: Ice cream products can be adjusted based on demand.

Keep track of what products are selling with a spreadsheet.You should only offer people what they want if you adjust what you are selling.You can see that certain ice cream flavors are more popular than others.You can try to add new flavors to the list.Customers can try new products with a weekly ice cream special.