Spell check can be done on PC or Mac.

The spell checker feature on your computer can be turned on to highlight words that are spelled wrong.

Step 1: You can open your settings.

Press the Win+I keys on your keyboard to open settings from the Start menu.

Step 2: Click on the devices you want to use.

Step 3: Click on the left panel to type.

The keyboard settings can be opened on the right-hand side.

Step 4: The highlighted words should be moved to the On position.

Windows will highlight your spelling errors when this option is enabled.When it’s on, the switch will turn blue.You can also turn on here.As you type, Windows will correct your spelling mistakes.

Step 5: You can open Microsoft Word on your computer.

The Word app has a blue-and-white icon.You can find it on the menu.A recent document or a blank sheet can be opened.

Step 6: Click on the file to open it.

There is a button in Word.It will open the file menu.

Step 7: The file menu has options.

It can be found at the bottom of the left sidebar.A new window will open.

Step 8: You can click on the Proofing tab.

There is an Options window at the top of the left sidebar.

Step 9: As you type, check the spelling.

You can find it in the Proofing section.Word will highlight words when you type.You can enable other correction tools if you check the other boxes in this section.

Step 10: You can open the System Preferences on your Mac.

You can find the gray gear icon in your Applications folder if you click the Apple icon on the top left.

Step 11: You can click the keyboard in the system preferences.

The second row of options has a tiny keyboard icon on it.It will open the settings on your keyboard.

Step 12: You can click the Text tab.

Between and at the top is where it is.

Step 13: The correct spelling is checked automatically.

The Text menu has this option in the upper-right corner.When it’s enabled, your Mac will automatically correct your spelling when you type.

Step 14: On your computer, open Microsoft Word.

The Word app has a blue-and-white icon.You can find it in your applications folder.A saved document or a blank sheet can be opened.

Step 15: The Word tab is on your menu bar.

There is a button in the upper left corner of the screen.It will open a menu.

Step 16: Preferences can be found on the Word menu.

This will open your settings in a new window.

Step 17: Click Spelling in the preferences.

“Authoring and Proofing Tools” is on the top row.

Step 18: The Always suggest box should be checked.

The first option is “Spelling.”You can see a list of suggestions when it’s enabled.

Step 19: As you type, make sure to check the check spelling.

When this option is enabled, Word will highlight words that are not spelled correctly.

Step 20: Select any additional options you want to enable.

The box is next to the Spelling and Grammar options.

Step 21: The Spelling & Grammar window should be closed.

You can close your settings by clicking the red button.You can change your settings at any time.

Step 22: You can type on your Mac with an app.

You can open a word processor like TextEdit or Notes, a messaging app like Messages or Mail, an internet browser, or any other app that lets you type text.

Step 23: The menu bar has a tabs on it.

There is a button in the upper- left corner of the screen.It will open a menu.

Step 24: You can hover the mouse over Spelling and Grammar.

It should be at the bottom of the menu.

Step 25: You can check spelling by clicking on the menu.

When this option is enabled, your Mac will check your spelling and highlight words that are incorrect.You’ll see a checkmark next to the option when it’s enabled.You can enable and here in some apps.