Someone is using style and sensitivity to break up.

It’s hard to break up.Unless you’re in one of the few teen romances turned happily-ever-after, breaking up is an unavoidable part of life.If you want to avoid future bad relationship karma, you will adopt a few break up basics.

Step 1: You should choose the right time.

Special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries should be avoided at all costs.Do you want your ex to remember your insensitivity every day?You don’t.The summer break is when most students break up.Monday seems to be the most popular day of the week for breaking up.

Step 2: Pick a place that’s right for you.

The less public, the better.It’s best not to do it in a place where the person on the receiving end doesn’t feel vulnerable.The office is a good place to avoid break up locations.At a wedding.In a car.At school.In a place of business.

Step 3: You can do it in person.

You can break up over the phone if the relationship is new.Maybe.It’s harsh if you’ve been out on more than a few dates.You should end the relationship in person.It’s a good idea to have one final talk together.A relationship-ending conversation might allow you to learn something about yourself and set the stage for something better in the future.

Step 4: Don’t tell the truth.

It will blow up in your face when you’re caught, if you try to be sparing their feelings.You will be seen as unreliable and your reputation will suffer.It doesn’t mean the rest of the world will back you up.

Step 5: Be sensitive and honest at the same time.

No one likes to be dumped.We appreciate the truth when it’s over.Unless, of course, the truth is that you have stopped finding them attractive, you’ve met someone better, or you are just plain bored with the relationship.There’s no need to be negative.As much as possible, exit with decorum.Always take the high road even if there is bad blood.You will be happy you did.

Step 6: You should keep your emotions in check.

You’ll come off as mean-spirited if you’re happy about the break up.Be kind, caring, and respectful.

Step 7: Don’t react.

Some people do not handle rejection well.Some people are loud.It doesn’t mean you have to react.Rejection is difficult.Being the dumper is already your status.Get out of there if it gets worse.Don’t wait for the mess to be over.If the conversation is yelling and screaming, try to be civil and ignore it.Try to listen to their feelings and act on them.