Sea urchins are good for you.

When you see a sea urchin, you probably don’t think it’s food.You would be wrong.Sea urchin, also known as uni, is a delicacy in many parts of the world.It has a creamy, butter flavor and is eaten out of the shell.If you want to try sea urchin for yourself, you can get a fresh one from the fish market.

Step 1: Live sea urchins smell fresh.

Sea urchins are sold live.The smell is the best indicator of freshness.Don’t buy the urchin if it smells bad.Check to see if the spines are moving if you get one that doesn’t have a strong smell.The urchin is alive and fresh.You should look for sea urchins that are green, red, or purple.Black sea urchins can’t be eaten.

Step 2: If you get stung, put gloves on.

Sea urchins are not dangerous, but they can hurt.Before handling the urchins, put on a pair of thick gloves.You can wrap the urchin in a towel if you don’t have gloves.Some people handle sea urchins without gloves because they have to press down hard to get stung.This could be dangerous.

Step 3: Cut around the base of the urchin with scissors.

The urchin should be flipped upside down.There is a small mouth on the bottom.Cut the base of the urchin with scissors.Lift this part off.Some people used a knife to cut the urchin.You can do this, but you will need to dig your finger inside to get the parts out.If you cut the urchin over a sink or towel, it will fall off.

Step 4: Take the liquid out of the urchin.

The urchin has a lot of liquid and water.If you want to drain it out, hold it over a sink or bowl and flip it upside down.

Step 5: Remove the orange parts from the shell.

There are 5 orange, tongue-like structures when you open up the urchin.These are the sexual organs of the urchin.They are the parts of the sea urchin that are eaten.Remove the spoon from each one.The roe refers to a mass of eggs inside a fish, so this isn’t technically correct.The gonads are the only parts of the urchin that can be eaten.If the gonads are brown, don’t eat them.

Step 6: Remove the roe from the water.

Transfer the roe into a bowl of salt water when you scoop them out.If you rinse them off in the bowl, there will be no brown substance left inside the urchin.If there are still brown pieces on the roe, you can pick them off with a pair of tweezers.

Step 7: When you are ready to eat the urchins, chill them.

You should keep the urchins cold until you eat them.They should be put on ice or in the refrigerator.Chefs recommend eating them immediately rather than leaving them out if they are chilled.

Step 8: You can eat the raw urchin right out of the shell.

The most popular way to eat urchin is this one.When the roe is clean, pop the pieces in your mouth and enjoy the sweet flavor.Uni is often served raw and plain.

Step 9: It’s better to dip it in some soy sauce.

Some soy sauce is a common addition if you think the uni needs a bit more flavor.Before eating the uni, dip it in a small bowl.If you like lemon juice, you could squeeze it over it.

Step 10: The uni should be placed on a piece of bread.

This is a good choice if you don’t like the idea of eating uni plain.You can put a roe piece on bread or toast.Adding butter to the uni’s butter flavor will complement it.You could top a cracker with a piece of uni.

Step 11: For a traditional dish, top rice with uni.

In Japan, this is a common way to eat uni.Add some uni pieces to a bowl of rice and enjoy.You could make your own sushi by wrapping the uni in seaweed and rice.

Step 12: The uni can be used in a pasta dish.

The creamy flavor and texture of Uni makes it a popular addition to pasta dishes.The most common way to use it is on pasta with creamy sauces.You can place a piece on the ground or slice it up.If you want to top your pasta with this, you can grind the uni into creamy sauces.

Step 13: The uni should be scrambled into eggs.

This is also a snack with uni.If you want to sprinkle the uni into your eggs, you can either chop it up or use a whole piece.

Step 14: The soups and sauces are thick.

Adding Uni to sauces can add a unique flavor.Put the uni in a food processor and mix it with soups or sauces.Season meat with ground uni before cooking it.

Step 15: To complement the taste, pair the uni with alcohol.

It is customary to drink an alcoholic drink while eating uni.If you want to have a drink with your meal, feel free to.In Japan, the main drink is sake.The Greek drink ouzo is also common.