Schaller Strap Locks can be installed.

Dropping your guitar on the floor can ruin it.It’s possible to prevent that from happening by investing in quality guitar strap locks.Schaller brand locks are easy to install.You can buy a set at the store.Remove the strap buttons from your guitar’s body and replace them with the buttons included in your kit.Attach your new locks to the ends of your strap, then slide them onto the buttons to lock it.

Step 1: Place your guitar on the towel-covered work surface.

A stable work surface will allow you to work on your guitar.You can protect your guitar finish with a towel or blanket.

Step 2: A screwdriver is better than a power tool.

Don’t use a drill or power screwdriver to drive screws.The risk of slipping and nicking your guitar will be reduced if you use a screwdriver.If you slip and thrust a drill into your guitar, you could damage it.

Step 3: The strap button is on the guitar’s base.

Remove the screw that holds the strap button in place by locating it on the base of your guitar.There is a rubber or felt washer between the button and the guitar’s body.When you mount the new strap button, set this aside and reuse it.The buttons might come with protective washers.If your existing buttons don’t work, you can pick up a pair at your local guitar store.

Step 4: The old button’s screw was included in the kit.

Schaller strap lock kits come with various lengths of screws to fit guitars.To find the best match, hold your old screw next to the ones in your kit.

Step 5: The guitar has a new button.

Line up the protective washer and the new button over the hole in your guitar’s body once you’ve found the right sized screw.Carefully drive the new screw through the button and washer to avoid damaging the guitar finish.Make sure the button doesn’t spin when you tighten the screw.

Step 6: The process can be repeated on the other strap button.

There is a button on the neck of your guitar.Attach the new button to the guitar using the same steps you took to install the one at the base.

Step 7: Put a lock through the hole.

The nut and washer should be removed from the lock.Put the lock through the hole in the strap.The threaded barrel should stick out from the outside of the strap, and the lock that fits into the button should be on the inside.The open side of the lock fits onto the button on the guitar.The open part should face toward the center of the strap.

Step 8: If the hole is too tight, cut away some leather.

You might find that the hole in your strap is too tight if you look around the lock.To make sure the lock sits against the strap, use a pair of wire cutters to trim away the leather.It’s important to trim off as little as possible.You can always trim more if you need to, but you can’t add back what you’ve already cut.

Step 9: Put the washer and nut on the barrel.

Attach the nut to the threaded barrel and slide the washer onto it.Use a 13mm wrench or sockets to tighten the nut.The lock should be pointed toward the center of the strap.Attach the second lock to the other end of the strap.

Step 10: To release the locking mechanism, pull the tip of the strap lock.

There is a small ball at the threaded barrel of the lock.Pull the locking mechanism to release it.If you ever need to remove your straps, you will pull the release mechanism after you install the strap locks.

Step 11: The lock needs to be put on the strap button.

Keep the locking mechanism open by holding the ball.The open side of the U-shaped strap lock can be slid onto the strap button on your guitar’s body.The lock needs to be latched tightly onto the strap button.To finish installation, repeat the process on the other strap lock.

Step 12: Every now and then, check your locks and screws.

To make sure the locking mechanism is in good working order, inspect your strap locks.Check the screws and nuts that hold the strap buttons in place.Re-tighten screws if necessary.