Say a Novena to St. Therese the Little Flower

She promised to shower roses from Heaven after she died.She promised that those who prayed to her would get an answer.Her intercessory prayer is considered powerful by many Catholics.Try to recite the Novena daily for 9 days in a row.You can try other variations on the prayer.

Step 1: Quiet yourself for prayer by getting into a comfortable position.

You can say the prayer at any time of the day.Many people prefer to pray in a quiet place such as their bedroom or church.Depending on what feels most comfortable to you, you can either stand, sit, or kneel.Some people light candles while praying.If you have a prayer candle, try lighting it before you start.

Step 2: The first half of the prayer is on the card.

The prayer varies depending on who produced the card, but it goes something like this: “Oh glorious Saint Therese, whom Almighty God raised up to aid and inspire us, I implore your Miraculous Intercession.”Every need of body and spirit can be obtained from the Heart of God.Holy Mother Church proclaims you to be the greatest saint of modern times.St. is another option you might try.The Little Flower, please pick a rose from the garden and send it to me with a message of love.I want God to grant me the favor I need to love him more and more.

Step 3: Your request should be made to Saint Therese.

Say, “I pray that you will answer my petition if it is God’s will” and then say what you’re asking for.Express your needs to Saint Therese in a very specific way.Say their name and what they are going through if you have a loved one who is experiencing health problems.To help them heal, ask Saint Therese to intercede on their behalf.

Step 4: Close by emphasizing your good intentions.

It is important to remember something about your intentions.Say that you will demonstrate your love for God through your words and actions, like Saint Therese did.Say something like, “Little Flower, please grant me your faith.”I would love for God to work in my life and for me to love him more.I will fulfill your plea and continue to lead others to Jesus.Amen.

Step 5: The prayer should be repeated daily over the course of 9 days.

Novenas are supposed to be said every day.The novena is said every day for 9 days.Don’t forget to say the prayer every day.If you leave yourself a note on your bathroom mirror, you will see it when you look at it.The prayer can be said daily between the 9th and 17th of the month.If you say Saint Therese’s novena during these dates, you’ll join many other people in prayer.

Step 6: You can follow the prayer with 24 “Glory Be to the Father” prayers.

When you finish your prayer to Saint Therese, say the “Glory Be to the Father” prayer 24 times.The prayer is calledGlory be to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.As it was in the beginning, the world is now and always will be.Amen.

Step 7: Say the “My Novena Rose Prayer”.

If you want to incorporate a prayer to Saint Therese into your daily life, this is a shortened version of the novena.If you want to connect with God and ask for help, try praying the “My Rose” prayer when you wake up in the morning or before going to bed at night.The prayer is printed on the back of the cards.

Step 8: There is a need for theMiraculous Intervention to Saint Therese.

When you need Saint Therese’s help, this is a powerful prayer.When you need help and your other prayers don’t seem to be working, try praying the “Miraculous Intervention to Saint Therese”You can find it on prayer cards or online.

Step 9: Saint Therese’s feast day is the Feast Day Novena.

Saint Therese died on September 30th, so October 1st is her feast day.If you say Saint Therese’s Feast Day Novena prayer, you will be honoring her and reflecting on how you can enrich your spiritual life.On Saint Therese’s feast day, you can make a petition using this prayer.You can find this prayer on the internet.You can join in prayer with the Carmelite nuns when you recite this prayer on Saint Therese’s feast day.