Remove the mop.

The product is designed to add shine to the floor.When you use the liquid, it distributes a film over the surface.It can cause the floor to lose its shine over time.It is not recommended for some floors because of the build up.It is a good idea to wipe up the product from time to time, using cleaning products designed for your hardwood, linoleum or laminate flooring.

Step 1: Dust and debris can be removed by vacuuming the floor.

Move as much furniture as you can.You need to have access to the areas that were covered.

Step 2: All the windows should be open.

A strong smell can be caused by mixing a vinegar solution.

Step 3: Put 1/2 cup of white vinegar into a gallon of water.

You can submerge your hands in the water if it’s cool.The waxy substance from the Mop and Glo is brought up by the acidic nature of the vinegar.

Step 4: Lemon, orange or clove essential oils can be added.

The oils subdue the smell.

Step 5: If you want to rinse, fill another bucket with warm water.

Step 6: Put the microfiber cloth in the bucket.

Keep the amount of solution and water to a minimum to keep the wood from getting wet.Start scrubbing from the farthest corner.

Step 7: After the solution sits for a few minutes, rinse the floor with clean microfiber cloths.

It takes a few minutes for the vinegar to break.It’s a good idea to rinse well.

Step 8: Dust and debris can be removed with a vacuum.

You don’t want anything to stick to the surface.

Step 9: Purchase gloves for this process.

Put damp rags and sponges in a bucket.

Step 10: Buy acetone to clean the film.

It is possible to get this at a specialty cleaning store.

Step 11: As you prepare the space for Mop andGlo removal, open all the windows.

You have to use harsh chemicals to remove film since you shouldn’t use large amounts of water.

Step 12: The acetone can be put in a spray bottle.

Clean with scrap rags.

Step 13: Do not use harsh brushes on the floor.

You can use a non-stick scrubber sponge or steel wool to bring up tough film.

Step 14: The film needs to be renewed in order for your floor to shine.

It takes a lot of work to get the Mop andGlo up.Water and a microfiber cloth can be used to clean your flooring after you have removed it.