Regression analysis can be done in Microsoft excel.

Regression analysis can be useful for analyzing large amounts of data.Follow these instructions to run regression analysis.

Step 1: If the ribbon is displayed in your version of excel.

You can click on the Office Button at the top left of the page.You can add-ins on the left side of the page.Find the tool pack.You are set if it is on your list of active add-ins.Look at the bottom of the window for the drop-down list next to Manage if it is on your inactive add-ins list.Make sure the Analysis tool pack is checked when the next window pops up.If necessary, allow it to install.

Step 2: The traditional toolbar is displayed if your version of excel has it.

You can add-ins by going to Tools > Add-Ins.Find the tool pack.Use the browse function to look for it if you don’t see it.If it is in the Add-Ins Available box, make sure the Analysis tool pack is checked.If necessary, allow it to install.

Step 3: The analysis tool pack is not included in excel for mac 2011.

Without a different piece of software, you can’t do it.Microsoft does not like Apple.

Step 4: If you are evaluating the data, enter it into a spreadsheet.

The Input Y Range and the Input X Range should be represented by at least two columns of numbers.The dependent and independent variables are represented by Input Y and Input X, respectively.

Step 5: The regression analysis tool is open.

Go to Data, find the Analysis section, hit Data Analysis, and choose Regression from the list of tools.Go to Tools > Data Analysis and choose Regression if your version of excel displays it.

Step 6: Define the Y range.

Click on the Input Y Range box in the regression analysis box.You can select the numbers you want to analyze by clicking and dragging in the Input Y Range field.There is a formula entered into the Input Y Range spot.

Step 7: The previous step was for the Input X Range.

Step 8: If you want, modify your settings.

You can choose whether to display labels, residuals, or plots.You can check the boxes you want.

Step 9: Determine where the output will appear.

You can either send the data to a new workbook or select a particular output range.

Step 10: Click OK if you don’t want to.

There is a summary of your regression output.