RBT certification is available.

It is possible to work with people with special needs if you are a registered behavior technician.The certification is granted by the BACB.You don’t need a college degree to get this certification, but you will need to complete a 40-hour training session.Take a 75-question exam after passing a live assessment.You can start a new career if your application is approved.

Step 1: You can start the process when you’re older.

You can’t start training when you’re a minor.You have to be at least 18 before you start the process.

Step 2: An equivalent degree is required for a graduate with a high school diploma.

A college education is not required for this certification.You don’t need a high school degree to get a GED.You have to give a copy of your certificate when you apply for certification.If you want to become an RBT, high school psychology courses may be able to help.

Step 3: Pass a criminal background check.

The board will perform a background check on you within 180 days.If you have certain crimes, your application may be rejected.The board can determine if a criminal conviction will disqualify you.The board won’t certify anyone with a felony in the last 3 years.

Step 4: Sign up for a training course.

The majority of courses are online.You will learn how to pass the assessment and exam in this course.You have 180 days to complete your training.Many universities, community colleges, technology institutes, and other online education platforms offer online courses.In-person training can be found at some universities and community colleges.

Step 5: Look at the BACB task list.

The BACB task list is a list of steps and practices that you must use when working with clients.During your assessment and exam, you will be tested on this task list.You can find a copy of the BACB task list here.

Step 6: You should take an ethics course.

You will need to attend an ethics course as part of your training.You will learn about the Professional and Ethical Compliance Code of the BACB.During the exam, you will have to answer questions about the code.The Professional and Ethical Compliance Code can be found here.

Step 7: You can find a BCBA to do the assessment.

In some cases, your instructors can refer you to a BCBA who will oversee your assessment.You may have to contact your own assessor in other situations.You can look up a BCBA here.You can ask the person to be your assessor in an email.You could say, “Hey Dr. Marx, I found your information on the BACB website.”I’m training to become an RBT.Would you be willing to do my assessment?When you complete your application, this person can serve as your responsible certificate.

Step 8: You need to complete the assessment after you’ve finished the course.

You will be given a number of tasks to do with a patient.They will look at how well you can work with the patient.The majority of exams happen in person.If you can’t do it in person, the assessment can be done over the internet.The assessment form will be sent to you at the end of the assessment.Keep it out of harms way.When you submit your application, you will need it.

Step 9: An account can be created through the online portal of the BACB.

To set up an account, you will need to provide your email and password.You can access the online portal at gateway.bacb.com.

Step 10: Scan and submit your results.

You need a certificate of completion of training, a completed assessment form, and a high school diploma or equivalent to prove that you are eligible for certification.

Step 11: Name the person who is responsible.

The person who did your assessment is usually your instructor.On the application, enter their name and information.They will fill out a form to confirm that you passed the course.Your certificant may change as you progress in your career.The BCBA will be watching you as you work.

Step 12: You have to pay $50 for the application.

You can pay with a credit or debit card.You can send a check.To pay, follow the instructions on the application screen.

Step 13: If your application is rejected, you have 30 days to appeal.

It takes 2 weeks to get a response.You can use the online form to appeal a rejection.Put your name and email on the form.Write a brief summary of why you think you should be accepted.The Administrative Appeal Request Form can be found here.

Step 14: Once you receive approval from BACB, sign up for the exam.

Instructions on how to sign up for the exam will be sent to you in an email.Pearson VUE gives the exam.Pearson has a website where you can find your nearest testing center.You can sign up for the exam through this website once you have received approval.You can use your BACB login information.You will usually hear from the BACB within 2 weeks of your initial application.There is no official practice exam, but you can find mock exams or flashcards from online training programs.

Step 15: To take the exam, pay Pearson VUE.

Pearson VUE will charge you an exam appointment fee if you sign up for the exam.The cost of your exam will be covered by this.

Step 16: You need 2 forms of ID to take the exam.

You can check in on time if you show up 15 minutes early.You have to show 2 forms of ID when you check in.The first and last names on these IDs must be the same as your BACB account.A government issued photo ID with your signature is the first form of ID.The second form of ID does not require a photograph, but it must have your name and signature on it.You should use a signed credit or debit card.

Step 17: Take the exam on the computer.

There are 10 ungraded questions on the exam.The ethics code and the RBT task list are covered in the questions.All of these areas should have been covered in your training course.Measurement: 10 questions Assessment: 8 questions Skill acquisition: 24 questions Behavior reduction: 12 questions Documentation and reporting:10 questions Professional conduct and scope of practice: 11 questions

Step 18: If you fail the exam for the first time, you have a year to take it again.

If you didn’t pass the exam, you have a year to take it again.You don’t need to go through the BACB during this time.Your application will have expired after this time.You need to redo training and start a new application.

Step 19: Approve your exam results within a week.

The online registry will add your name to it.You won’t receive a certificate.Your proof of certification is your inclusion in the registry.

Step 20: Your certification needs to be renewed once a year.

You have to have a competency assessment once a year.You can apply for the assessment online.It costs $35.Your certification is renewed when you pass this assessment.