Pok%C3%A9mon FireRed and LeafGreen have all the HMs.

You need to collect all of the hidden moves to catch the Pokémon.There are 7 HMs in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen.You can learn how to get all of the HMs in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen.You need previous HMs to achieve some later ones so you want to gather them in numerical order.

Step 1: To get to the dock, go to Vermilion City.

Step 2: The ship is named “SS Anne”.

You need to go to Cerulean City to battle the trainers if you don’t have a ticket.Go east and battle the trainers after you’ve defeated them.Go into the house after you’ve battled all of the trainers.Bill will be looking like a Pokemon.Talk to him and help him out.When you get Bill out of his costume, he will thank you and give you the S.S. Anne Ferry ticket.

Step 3: Find the captain.

Fight the trainers you find on the ship if you can’t find him.You can find him by following the initial hallway south, then taking the stairs up at the end of the hallway.Take the stairs at the end of the hallway after you’re up the staircase.The stairs lead to the room the Captain is in.You can start the dialog by talking to him.

Step 4: Go to Celadon City.

You will need the cut to get this one.

Step 5: You can take Route 16 out of the city.

You can follow the road south and west around a park if you pass a man talking to his horse.You’re not in the city if the buildings disappear and trees line the road.

Step 6: The tree needs to be cut down.

When you leave the city, you will see a tree that is smaller than the others and next to a fence.The dialog box can be initiated by interacting with the small tree.You can walk through the path after the tree is cut down.

Step 7: The path is behind the fence.

Some kids are waiting outside a house.

Step 8: Follow the path after entering the house.

You can walk through a hallway past an old man to the back of the house.

Step 9: The second house is entered.

You will see a girl and a Pidgeot.

Step 10: Talk to her.

She will give you a reward if you keep the house a secret.You can use “Fly” to go to any Pokémon Center you have before.

Step 11: Go to the city.

You’re not in the Safari Zone if you use Fly to get to the Pokémon Center.

Step 12: You can walk to the Safari Zone.

You can jump off the cliff to the east if you want to get to a building.Go east until trees block your path, then go north until a fence is in your way.Walk west until you see a building.That is the entrance to the zone.

Step 13: Zone four is where you should go.

Since this is quite far, you will most likely want to equip Super Repel from your bag.From the entrance, head east of the house and then north through the tall grass to the sandy path.The path is lined with bushes on one side and trees on the other side.Go north up the first set of steps, then head west and follow the path west.You can head north to another set of steps if you get to the sandy spot.Go north around the big dirt pile after walking east to the tall grass.There is a sign near the large dirt pile.To get to the next zone, follow the path west.Go west until you see a large patch of grass.You can go up the second set of stairs that are located just north of the grass patch if you want to.The tall grass is to the west of the plateau.Go north until you see bushes blocking the way.To get around the bushes, walk east into the tall grass.Continue west into the tall grass and walk south to a pole-lined path that leads to the next zone.Go west past the sign until you see a building.

Step 14: Talk to the attendant after entering the building.

The attendant will give you a name.You can move in bodies of water with a Water-type Pokemon.

Step 15: Go to Fuchsia City.

You have to get gold teeth from the Safari Zone.

Step 16: Zone Four is in the Safari Zone.

If you don’t remember how to get to Zone Four, you can use the steps from the method.”Get-All-of-the-Hms-on-Pok%C3%A9mon-FireRed-and” is a smallUrl.The image is owned by wikiHow, Inc.The Creative Commons license applied to text content and some other images posted to the wikiHow website does not apply to this image.This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc.

Step 17: Find the gold teeth.

Zone 4 is where they are found.

Step 18: Go inside the house.

After you jump off the ledge, it’s the first house to the east.If you talk to the Warden, he’ll give you a strength.You can move boulders in your way with strength.).

Step 19: Go to Vermilion City.

You will need the cut already.You’ll need at least 10 to have a chance.

Step 20: Go south to Route 11.

You will find a cave when you leave the city.

Step 21: There is a cave.

There is a man next to a ladder in the upper left corner of the screen.

Step 22: Go down the ladder.

You will load into the floor if you step on the ladder.You can find another ladder by following the path west and north.

Step 23: You can go up the ladder.

You will load into the floor if you step on the ladder.The words “Diglett’s Cave” can be seen in the upper left corner of your screen.

Step 24: You have to exit the cave.

You can follow the path south if you appear on Route 2.

Step 25: Cut on the tree that is blocking your path.

The tree is growing between the poles.Continue south after you cut down the tree.

Step 26: The building is entered.

You will see two people.If you have ten Pokémon in your possession, you should speak to the guy without the hat.The dark caves are similar to the Rock Tunnel.

Step 27: You can go to One Island.

You have to defeat the Cinnabar Island gym to open One Island.The island can be reached by boarding a ship.You will need the Surf.

Step 28: Go to the east end of the island.

Step 29: Surf.

The beach is to the north.Continue north through the tall grass to the sandy area.Walk north until you see a cave opening.

Step 30: The cave is entered.

“Ember Spa” is in the upper left corner of your screen.To get to a man between two waterfalls, follow the path north, then climb a set of stairs.

Step 31: Talk to the man.

He’ll give you a song.Small boulders will be smashed in your way.

Step 32: You can go to Four Island.

Follow the path north from the Pokémon Center after you climb down a set of steps.To get to the cave, you’ll need the Surf.

Step 33: The cave is entered.

“Icefall Cave” is in the upper left corner of your screen.Surf will take you through another cave entrance to the north.

Step 34: You can walk over the patch of ice.

The patch will break when you step over it.After walking over the first ice patch above you, you’ll go north to break two more patches of ice.Follow a path that leads to another patch of ice.You can reveal a hole by walking over it twice.

Step 35: You should go down the hole.

There is a ladder to the east.

Step 36: Go up the ladder.

You can return to the main level on the other side of the rocks you couldn’t get by before.

Step 37: There are patches of ice.

When you walk over the southernmost ice patch twice, you will find another hole.

Step 38: You should go down the hole.

There is a large patch of ice that you slip on.Go south until you reach another ladder.

Step 39: You can go up the ladder.

You can see a ball on the ground.You can learn “HM07 Waterfall” by interacting with the PokéBall.Waterfall can be used to scale waterfalls.