Plantation Shutters should be installed.

Plantation shutters are very popular because of their easy use, attractive look, and effective protection against the elements.If you want to give your home a new look with an easy installation process, plantation shutters are a good choice.If you collect the right tools, make sure your frame is even, and align the shutter panels with the frame, you can install your own plantation shutters in no time at all.

Step 1: The frame should be put together.

The shutter frames should be in four pieces.If you want to put them together, you should use the plastic connectors that came with the shutters and use a rubber mallet to hit the slit in the frame pieces.The left and right sides should be connected to the top and bottom sides.This is easy if pieces are labeled.The sides should be flush against each other.

Step 2: You should know if you’re installing an interior or exterior mount.

If you’re installing shutters to the interior of your window frame, make sure the window is square and that there aren’t any handles or other objects that could get in the way.Attach the frame to the wall if you’re installing shutters on the exterior of the window.Check your plantation shutter instruction manual to make sure you’re doing the right thing if you choose an interior or exterior mount.It is better for bay windows to have an exterior installation.

Step 3: Attach the shutter frame to the window using screws.

Pick up the frame and put it in the window.Attach the frame to the window with two screws at the top using a drill.Make sure you only attach the top ones if your frame has predrilled holes.The bottom of the frame should be able to move.It is helpful to have a second person hold the frame to the window.It’s possible that the frame wasn’t put together correctly or that your initial measurements are incorrect.The frame pieces need to be connected.Call the shutter company if you think you sent the wrong measurement.

Step 4: To make sure the frame sections are even, use a level.

You can use a level to make sure the shutter frame is even.Before moving on with the installation of the shutter panels, you want to make sure your frame is level.

Step 5: Which frame corresponds to which panel?

Find out which panel goes with the frame of your plantation shutters.This is very easy to do if your pieces are labeled.You can lay out the frames and panels before you get confused.If there are any labels on the frame or panels, keep them on while you install the shutters.

Step 6: To install the panel, use hinge pins.

Attach the panel to the frame with hinge pins that are part of the hardware that comes with the shutters.Attach a pin to each hinge.If you are having trouble getting the pins to fit into the hinges, you can loosen the screws from a hinge, move it a little until the pin drops in, and then re-attach them.

Step 7: The frames should be adjusted until they align well.

To make sure the door is in line with the frame, open and close it.The frame should line up with the panel if it is moved from side to side.There should be no large gaps or even sides.You can use the level again to make sure everything is straight.

Step 8: The frame has screws in it.

The frame can be attached securely with the help of the bottom screws and any remaining screws.If the panel and frame are still aligned and straight, it’s time to drill the screws.

Step 9: If necessary, cover the frame holes.

You can fill your drill holes with small caps from the plantation shutters.If you want to cover the holes in the frame, you should use the caps.