Pay with cash for gas.

Since they don’t have to pay credit card fees, many gas stations offer a discount on gas when you pay in cash.If you have cash on you, you can get gas if there’s a clerk at the station.You have to pay before you start pumping since the gas station doesn’t want you to leave without paying.

Step 1: Go next to the gas pump.

Pull up beside the empty gas pump when you get to the gas station.The gas tank should be on the same side as the pump.Before you start pumping gas, park your car and turn off your engine.Since the engine could cause the gas to combust while you are pumping, never do it while your vehicle is running.

Step 2: How much gas do you need?

You can see what’s left in your tank by looking at your gas gauge.It’s a good idea to compare your gauge to the size of your fuel tank.If you want to find out how much you need to pay for gas, you can use an estimation to figure it out.If your tank holds 15 US gal (57 L) and it’s half full, buy about 7 2US gal to fill it completely.

Step 3: Before you start pumping gas, pay the clerk inside.

You have to pay with cash at most gas stations.You can tell the clerk the amount of money you want to put in your tank by going inside the gas station.Give them money so they can use the pump for you.You may be able to pay at some gas stations.You can check the screen on the gas pump to see if you need to pay.

Step 4: You can select your fuel grade by pressing the button.

There are usually 3 different fuel grades to choose from in the United States.If it requires regular, midgrade, or premium gasoline, check your vehicle’s manual.The button will match what type of fuel your vehicle requires.The octane rating of the gas is what determines the fuel grade.Premium fuel will cost more than regular gas.

Step 5: Put the nozzle in the tank.

Remove the cap from the tank by opening the fuel cover.Feed the end of the nozzle into your gas tank.If the nozzle stays in your tank without you holding it, let it go.You may have to lift a lever before you start pumping gas.You can see if you need to do more steps by following the direction on the gas pump screen.

Step 6: The nozzle needs to be pulled to start pumping.

If the nozzle is secure in your tank, you can squeeze the handle to pump the gas.The gas flow will stop if thetrigger is not pulled.If your tank gets full, the pump will stop immediately.Take the nozzle out of the tank and put it back on the pump.Since you could ignite the gasoline, never smoke while you pump gas.As you fill your tank, don’t leave the pump unattended.It’s a good idea to avoid using electronics while you pump gas.

Step 7: If you overpaid, get your change from the clerk.

If you didn’t spend the entire amount you paid for, go back inside and talk to the clerk.Ask for your change when you tell them which pump your vehicle is at.You can get the leftover change from the clerk.