Pass the New York high school entrance exam.

Some high schools in New York City don’t require an entrance exam.Many of the schools designed for academically gifted students will admit students based on their performance on a standardized test.Some private and parochial high schools have their own tests.In New York City, there are 8 public high schools that only admit students if they perform well on the SHSAT.To increase your chances of getting admitted to one of the best New York high schools, use study skills, tutors, and special practice tests.

Step 1: Determine if you are eligible to take the test.

Some eighth- graders in New York City don’t have to take the test.Only those who wish to enter a specialized high school are required to take the test.You must be a New York City resident in order to take the exam.The exam can be taken by some 9th graders.

Step 2: Know the schools that require the test.

New York City has over 400 public high schools.There are only 9 specialized high schools that require an exam.The sole basis of admission for these schools is a student’s score on the SHSAT.The Bronx High School of Science is one of the schools, along with Brooklyn Latin, Brooklyn Technical, Queens High, and Staten Island Technical.

Step 3: You should know the format of the exam.

A multiple-choice standardized test is what the SHSAT is.It takes 3 hours to complete and tests students on their math and verbal skills.You can get a raw score of 100 points on the 114 questions that are included in the exam.It is possible to allow time between the verbal and the math sections.Students are asked to read and answer logic questions in the verbal section.Most schools don’t teach the scrambled paragraphs section of the test.There are 45 questions on the exam.The mathematics section requires students to answer questions about simple math.The ninth- graders who take the test will have to answer some questions.There are many mathematics questions on the exam.The scores are usually released in February or March.

Step 4: Prepare in the summer before the test.

The specific dates of the exam change from year to year, but students will take the test in October.It is a good idea to take at least three months to study for the exam, which means you should start studying in July at the latest.This will give you a lot of time to take practice tests, find a tutor, and figure out which problems you struggle with.You will be busy with school and other activities if you leave all your studying to the fall.When you have more time, give yourself a chance to study.Students spend years preparing for the test.You can start studying early if you are in 6th or 7th grade.If you haven’t started studying yet, 3 or 4 months should be enough to build up your test-taking skills.

Step 5: Talk to your guidance counselor.

If you want to enter a specialized high school program, you should talk to your guidance counselor.It is your guidance counselor’s job to help students enter the best high schools for them, and they will have a lot of knowledge and experience with test-taking preparation.Bring your parents along with you to speak with your counselor.You have to come up with a plan to increase your chances of admission.Your guidance counselor may be able to recommend books, classes, and tutors for you.

Step 6: You can read the high school handbook.

Middle-school students and their parents can get important information about the admissions process from the revised Specialized High School Handbook.Taking the practice exams in the handbook under test-like conditions is a great way to get a diagnostic for your general performance.You can use your score on the practice tests as a baseline for future test-taking.

Step 7: The DREAM course is for 6th graders.

The course helps low-income students perform well on the test.The program lasts 22 months and begins in 6th grade.It is an intensive, rigorous program and students only qualify if they have excellent 5th-grade attendance, have good scores on standardized tests, and are considered low-income.If this applies to you or someone you know, sign up for the course right away for 22 months of free study prep.

Step 8: Purchase a study guide.

Excellent practice questions and study tips can be found in the published guides of several testing companies.Reputable companies include Kaplan.You can purchase study guides for between 15 and 30 dollars.The last few years have seen online options at a similar price range.A good internet connection and computing device is required for online courses, but they usually cover more content and features than study guides.If you purchase a study guide in a used bookstore, make sure the practice tests have not been filled in.The practice tests are the most useful part of the books, and you don’t want to take a practice test where the answers have already been filled in.Make sure you purchase the most up-to-date study guide.You should not practice with an outdated guide because the test format has changed over the years.There is more guidance available from non-profit organizations.

Step 9: Take a course.

You can pay a test prep company to train you for the test.There are many private tutoring companies and companies that offer SHSAT courses.It can cost anywhere from $800 to 1500 for 8-15 lessons.Students who need more attention than what is found in a study guide might find a special course useful.The summer is when most courses can be taken, but there are some last-minute courses available in the fall.For under $50, you can enroll in an online course.Many of these include extensive practice materials and the ability to interact with tutors.

Step 10: Find a tutor.

If you need one-on-one attention, you can hire a private tutor.Through personal recommendations and online searches, private tutors can be found.$100 per session is a common figure for tutor prices.

Step 11: There is a free academic enrichment course.

New York City has a wide variety of free and low cost enrichment programs.Homework, math, study skills, reading and writing, science, and the arts can be helped by these programs.The kinds of skills they help middle-schoolers build can help them perform well on the test.For students who can’t afford a specialized course, this is a great option.

Step 12: Don’t forget to pay attention in school.

Keeping up with schoolwork is one of the best ways to do well on the SHSAT.Do your homework, pay attention in class, and study for your exams.These will help build many of the skills.It’s helpful for you to read a lot in order to build your vocabulary.

Step 13: Discuss the exam with other students.

You can use social media to find students that attend your school.They can give you tips on taking the test.Open houses, fairs, and other events are offered by many schools.If you want to attend the school, you need to network with other students and potential students at these events.).

Step 14: Take as many practice tests as possible.

Under your testing conditions, use a number 2 pencil.Answer the right amount of questions and follow the time limits of the exam.The practice tests will help you figure out what you need to study most, but they are also essential to getting you comfortable and relaxed for the test.

Step 15: You should pack your materials now.

You must bring certain items to the exam.If you have these ready to go the day before the test, you won’t have to worry about the exam.If you bring an electronic device with you, you are not allowed to use it on the test.You should bring several well-sharpened number 2 pencils, a watch that does not have a calculator or computer function, and your Test Ticket with your signature and the signature of your parent or guardian.

Step 16: Follow the instructions with care.

Listen and read the instructions carefully.Your test could be invalidated if you break any of the rules.Don’t try to go over time, exchange answers or use an electronic device during the test.

Step 17: Put all the answers on the sheet.

The test booklet can be used for scratch paper.The official answers have to be entered into the answer sheet.You have to be careful to fill in the correct bubble on your answer sheet because this is a multiple choice test.If you accidentally fill in two bubbles for the same question, it will count as a wrong answer.It can be easy to skip over a number on your answer sheet if you don’t know the number in your test booklet.

Step 18: Answer all the questions.

The SHSAT does not penalize wrong answers.If you are not confident in your answer, you should put an answer down.You might get it right by chance.If you don’t put anything down, you will get it wrong.

Step 19: Carefully manage your time.

The SHSAT doesn’t allocate time for you.How you divide the test time between math and verbal is up to you.90 minutes on each part of the exam is what many people like to do.Depending on your strengths, you may want to spend more time on one portion or the other.If you want to complete all 114 questions within 180 minutes, you need to use your watch to stay on track.She might be able to help you come up with an optimal plan for how you will spend your time on the test.

Step 20: Don’t read every question fast.

It is possible to rush through an exam.It can be harmful to jump to conclusions.Make sure you understand the question by taking your time.Don’t make assumptions without a firm basis.

Step 21: Carefully read the passages.

Your understanding of reading passages is important in many of the verbal questions.Don’t skim these passages, read them slowly and carefully.A quick skim of the passage will not give you the information you need to do well.

Step 22: It’s a good idea to spend more time on the paragraphs.

A list of sentences that you have to place in the correct order is provided by the jumbled paragraph questions.The paragraphs are worth 2 points, which is more than the other questions on the exam.Since they count toward your score, do not rush through them.