Owls are attractive to attract.

Owls are birds of Prey that eat rodents.Many people look to owls as a way to reduce rodents.Great birds listen to and observe owls in the wild.It is not easy to attract owls to your property.You may be able to attract owls to your property if you install an owl box and provide the resources the owls need to thrive.

Step 1: At night time, listen to their calls.

Listen to the owls’ calls at night to find out what type of owls they are.owls do most of their hunting at night, so it’s the best time to hunt.You can listen to the calls of owls at All About Birds.

Step 2: There are owls around your home.

Listen to the calls of owls at night and then try to see the owls that live nearby.A bird book is the best way to identify owls.There are pictures of owls on the All About Birds website.It is possible to spot an owl early in the morning or at dusk.

Step 3: You can talk to a wildlife expert.

Talk to a local wildlife expert or someone of a similar profession if you want to listen and look for owls around your home.Local experts may be able to give you advice on how to attract owls to your property.The local Humane Society is a good place to find a wildlife expert.There is a local zoo.A college or university has a biology department.

Step 4: Buy or build a box.

You need a box that is suited to the owls in your region.It’s important that owls vary in size and behavior.You will not be able to attract owls to your property if you don’t have the right box.To determine the appropriate size of box for the type of owl in your area, use this chart.

Step 5: A good location is needed for the box.

You can find a location near a field, meadow, or another open area.Pick a location that doesn’t have a lot of man-made noise.The area far from the road will work well.Don’t place owl boxes above farm equipment.The boxes should not be too close together.Although owls aren’t very territorial, putting boxes nearby could discourage them.Attach the box to the inside of a barn or the outside of your home to attract barn owls.

Step 6: The box needs to be positioned correctly.

Attach the box to a structure that is at least 10 feet off the ground.The entrance must face north.If the box is too low, owls will be easy targets.The box will be exposed to cold winds if it faces north.The box should be secured with 2 or 3 wood screws.The box should be able to hold up to 5 lbs.The box entrance should face an open area.

Step 7: The wood should be placed in the bottom of the box.

The box should be filled with 2 or 3 inches of wood.During the spring time, the owls will use the wood as their nest material.During the winter, it will provide warmth for more mature owls.

Step 8: There is a small board on the outside of the box.

Attach a stick or small board to the outside of the box with wood screws.The owl will be able to perch in front of the box.It will make the box more attractive.

Step 9: A water source can be created.

Provide a large bird bath.Small bird baths that may work for other birds aren’t large enough to accommodate most owls.You will not be able to attract owls if you don’t have a clean water source.You don’t need to provide water if you have a nearby pond, stream, or similar source of water.The bigger the source of water, the closer it is to the box.If the only source is a small bird bath, position it close to the box.

Step 10: Rodents are attracted to them.

You can help attract owls by providing food for rodents like grain and corn.owls rely on rodents as a source of foodowls won’t move onto your property without a proper food source.

Step 11: Do not use pesticides or poisons around your property.

You can inadvertently poison owls by using pesticides or other poisons.Rodents will feed on poisoned insects and then be eaten by owls.You will make a huge impact on the owl population by poisoning your property.