Mushrooms can be kept fresh.

A variety of dishes can be made with mushrooms.It can be difficult to keep them fresh for a long time.They contain a lot of water, which can cause them to rot if they are not properly stored.To keep your mushrooms fresh, you need to store them correctly and avoid common mistakes.

Step 1: You can put mushrooms in your refrigerator.

Mushrooms need to be stored in the right conditions to last a long time.They should be stored at a temperature between 40 and 45 F.The best place to keep them cool is your refrigerator.If you have a root cellar, you may be able to store your mushrooms there as well.Make sure the temperature in your root cellar is right.You may need to keep the mushrooms in a plastic container to make sure they don’t dry out.

Step 2: Mushrooms can be put in a paper bag with a towel.

People use paper bags to keep mushrooms in the fridge.This can cause them to dry out.If you want to avoid this, place a paper towel on top of the mushrooms.The mushrooms will not dry out.Make sure the paper towel is not wet by checking the mushrooms every day.Get it slightly damp if it’s not.

Step 3: The bag has mushrooms in it.

A plastic bag is a great container for your mushrooms.It can be hard to keep a mushroom in a refrigerator.The key is to keep the bag partially open so that the mushrooms can be kept cool.A zip-lock bag works well for storing mushrooms because the opening can be kept open only part of the time.It is important to keep this bag partially open.The mushrooms can be ruined quickly if it gets completely closed.

Step 4: Keep the mushrooms in their original packaging.

If you buy mushrooms in a container, keep them in that container.The packages that mushrooms are sold in are usually designed to allow them to breathe, while also protecting them from the dehydration caused by refrigerated mushrooms.

Step 5: Pick out the best mushrooms.

Buy the best looking mushrooms you can.If you want to do this, you need to buy loose mushrooms so that you can pick out your own mushrooms.You can only buy the exact amount of mushrooms you need at one time if you buy loose mushrooms.You don’t need to keep mushrooms in your refrigerator for long periods of time.

Step 6: When buying pre-packaged containers, buy whole mushrooms.

Whole mushrooms are better than sliced ones for a package of mushrooms.Whole mushrooms tend to stay fresh longer than pre-sliced mushrooms.Whole mushrooms will last longer if you need to store them for multiple days and pre-sliced mushrooms can be a great time saver.

Step 7: Purchase mushrooms from a forager.

Buying mushrooms from a person who grows them or someone who collects them in the wild will give you the freshest mushrooms possible.Buying farm-fresh mushrooms will make sure you don’t buy old mushrooms that are going to spoil.If you buy directly from a mushroom grower or forager, you will have access to more types of mushrooms.Large grocery chains don’t usually have wild varieties of mushrooms.Mushroom growers and foragers can be found selling their goods at farmers markets.You can use the internet to find a grower.

Step 8: Don’t wash mushrooms before storing them.

If you pick mushrooms with dirt on them, don’t wash them.Adding more water will decrease their longevity.You don’t need to wash your mushrooms when you’re ready to use them.

Step 9: Allow the mushrooms to breathe.

They need to breathe.It’s best to store mushrooms in an air-tight container.Mushrooms can last up to a week in your refrigerator if you don’t smother them.