Microsuede furniture is clean.

Microsuede is a fabric made up of tightly-woven synthetic fibers that are water resistant.microfiber is a popular upholstery choice because it can be made to look like leather or suede.Microsuede sofas and chairs are more durable and stain resistant than other fabrics, but they aren’t exempt from spills and other wear.Follow the tips for cleaning and removing stains from furniture.

Step 1: Know your microfiber code.

The tag on the furniture should say what kind of cleaning solutions can be used on it.”W” indicates that a water-based cleaning solution may be used.”S” means that a solvent-based cleaner can be used.”S-W” indicates that you can use both types of cleaners.”X” means that you should not use the cleaning solution.

Step 2: Dust and crumbs can be removed with a vacuum.

If you have a pet that sheds, you should run a vacuum over the fabric at least once a week.If you have a powerful vacuum, use a furniture brush.If the care tag says “W” or “S”, you should still vacuum the furniture before applying a cleaning solution.

Step 3: Every few months, wash your microsuede.

If the care tag indicates that you can apply a cleaning solution, it should be safe to use.Even if the fabric isn’t stained, washing it will keep it smelling fresh.It’s a good idea to clean a test spot with your chosen cleaner first to make sure it won’t stain the material.

Step 4: There are different types of cleaning solution for fabric.

The manufacturer of your microsuede has a solution for you to fill a spray bottle with.Commercial cleaners can be used on the pieces.You can wash “W” furniture with soapy water.You could use rubbing alcohol for “S” furniture.Water or solvent should not be used on “X” pieces.

Step 5: To clean the area, spray it.

To clean the entire surface of the furniture, work in three-foot increments.

Step 6: The cleaning liquid should be wiped from the furniture.

Use a clean cloth to apply pressure to the microsuede.Rub the cloth in a circular motion.To remove excess moisture, wipe the fabric with a second sponge.

Step 7: The furniture should be allowed to dry.

The microfiber material will dry quickly.Allow 15 to 20 minutes for the furniture to dry.

Step 8: Microsuede cushion and pillow covers.

The microsuede covers are machine washed.Before you wash your microsuede, check the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 9: Right away, wipe up spills.

You may be able to prevent a stain if you catch a spill before it soaks in.A quick wipe with a paper towel or cloth will take care of small spills.Don’t rub the spill into the fabric, it will soak in.Sprinkle baking soda over spills.Run a vacuum after it dries.

Step 10: Before applying solution for stains, you should do a spot test.

You never know if a stain-removal method will damage or cause discoloration to your fabric, so choose a spot on the bottom or back of your furniture.

Step 11: Alcohol can be used to remove stubborn stains.

Rub the stain with rubbing alcohol after soaking a cloth or piece of cotton.Hand wipes with alcohol are useful.If you don’t have rubbing alcohol in the house, you can use vodka.Don’t use a liquid that is unclear.

Step 12: It’s a good idea to use vinegar on oil stains.

Rub the stain with a cloth and let it cure.After applying the vinegar, wash the microsuede with water or solvent-based solution.

Step 13: When everything else fails, scrub.

The cleaning solution you use should be approved by your manufacturer.If you want to remove the stain, spray the area liberally and scrub with a brush.