Make a lip balm.

You can make lipgloss at home with your kids.You don’t need anything else, just the packets of Kool-Aid and some oil.You should keep an eye on the finished product to make sure it isn’t ruined before you use it.

Step 1: It is a good idea to add the Kool-Aid.

Before adding the powder, let the mixture cool a bit.Pick a color that you’ll like on your lips, because the lipgloss color and flavor of the Kool-Aid gives it.There are some good options.How much you add depends on how deep you want the color to be.If you want a very dark lip balm, you can divide it into six smaller pots and add one packet per pot.You could end up with a grainier lip balm with this method.If you want a smooth lip balm, add one to two packets of Kool-Aid to the whole bowl.People use one packet per cup.Adding a little sugar to the mix will make it taste less bitter.

Step 2: Measure out some liquid.

You’ll need a lot of it.You can put it in a microwave-safe bowl.Start in the microwave with 30 seconds.A thick liquid will form from the melted petroleum jelly.When you heat it, stir it until it’s completely melted.It will melt more evenly if you stir it.

Step 3: Put the mixture in a container.

To thoroughly incorporate the mixture, use a fork or whisk.It’s important, but it may take a while.It needs to be mixed thoroughly so that it isn’t grainy.You might need to mix it for a while.Some people add a tiny bit of water.If you add water, you can either pour it back out or add some extra petroleum jelly.

Step 4: It should be divided into containers.

A small funnel is needed for this step.You will need several small containers to put the lip gloss in.There are small screw-top containers in the travel section of the drug store, and you can also find them at the craft store.Divide the liquid into containers.It will be easier to spoon from the top.You can pour from the top and leave the Kool-Aid in the bottom.

Step 5: The coconut oil can be used to cook.

Coconut oil can be put in a microwave-safe bowl or cup.Put it in the microwave.It will take a few seconds to warm up.Start in 5 seconds.The coconut oil should not be used as a liquid.You want it to be soft.If it’s too solid to stir, heat it a little more.You can start with 1 cup of coconut oil.

Step 6: You can make a paste.

A packet of Kool-Aid can be poured in a small cup.You can use any you want.You just have to remember the color and flavor.It’s a good idea to add a small amount of water.You don’t need a lot.Allow it to form a thick paste.Make sure you get as much dissolved as possible.Add more water if it isn’t dissolving.

Step 7: Add some sugar to it.

Add sugar to the paste.The sugar will start dissolving when you stir it in.Adding more water may help with the dissolution of the sugar.You can use a sweetener instead of sugar, but it will take away some of the bitterness.

Step 8: The paste should be put in the oil.

Add the paste to the coconut oil.You should keep adding until you get the color you want.The color of the lip balm will be lighter on your lips, so you may want to go a little darker than you think.

Step 9: It should be spooned into containers.

The lipgloss should be spooned into little containers.Small twist-off containers can be found at drugstores, big box stores and local craft stores.

Step 10: It was done!