Make a beer with alcohol.

You just walked through the door.You want something hot to drink in the cold weather.A hot glass of beer is better than hot chocolate or tea.You heard it correctly.Most of the 100 centuries of beer’s history have people enjoying their beer without any kind of cooling.On a cold winter night, this recipe will warm you up.

Step 1: Beer can be poured into a saucepan.

The spices should be added.

Step 2: Beer and spices can be heated in a small saucepan.

Turn the heat down if the beer starts to boil.The beer should stop foaming after a minute or two.

Step 3: The egg white and egg yolk should be separated.

Only the egg yolk is used in this recipe.

Step 4: The sugar should be added to the egg yolk.

Step 5: It’s the hardest part when you beat the sugar and yolk with a fork.

).It is optional but recommended to temper the yolk mixture.If you want to prevent “scrambling” the egg yolk mixture in the heat of the beer, you must temper it very slowly and mix thoroughly.

Step 6: Continue to warm the beer for 5 minutes after adding the yolk mixture.

Stir slowly.

Step 7: To make it taste better, add honey to it.

Step 8: If you want, you can use a strainer to sieve out egg pieces.

If you added the beer with the yolk mixture, this likely wouldn’t have happened.

Step 9: Drink and enjoy!

Step 10: Prepare pewter tankards or glass beer mugs.

They should be placed in an oven at very low heat or dipped in hot water and dried before pouring.

Step 11: The beer should be poured into the saucepan.

If needed, size up the saucepan and pour enough for each drinker.Add the sugar and spices.Leave clove out if you find it too strong.

Step 12: The pan should be on the stove.

Do not cook it.

Step 13: Put it in the glasses.

A good night’s rest can be ensured by sipping this just prior to bed.