Lost Savings Bonds can be retrieved.

If your savings bonds are lost or stolen, the US Department of Treasury can help.If you want to request a replacement bond or redemption of the old one, you can check the department’s online database or fill out a bond-recovery form.You may be able to replace bonds without knowing the bond number and date of issue.

Step 1: The website is called the Treasury Hunt.

You can find lost savings bonds on the website created by the US Department of Treasury.Start searching for your lost, missing, or stolen savings bonds by visiting this website.

Step 2: Use the search function.

The database contains information on bonds that have stopped accruing interest.If you use the bondholder’s Social Security number, you can find mature bonds.The registered number might be the Social Security number of the person giving the gift.

Step 3: The Bond serial number is used to search.

If you don’t have the social security number of the bond holder, you can use the Bond serial number.If you can locate your bonds this way, that’s great.

Step 4: You can request a copy of the bond.

You can either request an electronic version of the bond or have the money deposited into a bank account of your choice.If the Department of Treasury doesn’t find your bond, you need to file a Form 1048.

Step 5: Make sure your bond qualifies for replacement.

If your savings bond has been lost, stolen, destroyed, or never received, you can apply for an electronic replacement.

Step 6: Information should be gathered.

If you want to replace your lost bond, you’ll need the serial number, the specific month and year of purchase, and the social security number of the bond holder.Before you start the process of requesting a new bond, you should collect this information.

Step 7: Form 1048 can be downloaded.

You can download a copy of Form 1048 from the US Treasury Department website.You can request a copy of the form from your house.

Step 8: Have your signature certified.

Speak to a bank officer if you take this form to your local financial institution.This person will be able to certify your signature, which is required for the form to be valid.

Step 9: Please fill out the form.

You can mail the signed and certified form to the Treasury Retail Securities site.When your ownership of the lost bond is verified, you will receive an electronic re-issuance of your bond in a TreasuryDirect account, where it will continue to accrue interest until it matures.

Step 10: Download the form.

The US Treasury Department has a website.You can either request a copy of the form or download it.

Step 11: Provide the bond’s issue date.

If you can, provide the exact date or the range of dates during which the bond was issued.

Step 12: You have to complete the Social Security information.

Provide your Social Security number, full name and address.If you have the gift’s information, include it.

Step 13: Information about the bond’s loss should be given.

Some questions will be asked about the loss of the bond.This section should be filled in as honestly as possible.Provide a police report if the bond was stolen.

Step 14: Please sign and notarize the form.

Speak to a bank officer if you visit your local bank.To be valid, Treasury Form 1048 must be signed and certified by a bank officer.

Step 15: How you want your bond to be issued is up to you.

The Treasury Department can issue a new bond, redeem the old one with a check, or deposit the bond’s value in your bank account.

Step 16: Form 1047 should be submitted.

You can mail the signed and certified form to the Treasury Retail Securities site.You will receive a re-issue of the bond in the format you have requested when the form has been received and processed.