It’s possible to make the air colder in a swamp cooler.

swamp coolers, if you live in a dry climate.When the weather turns your home into an oven, a evaporative cooler is a great way to stay cool.You can use the steps and tips to keep your home cool.

Step 1: The average humidity is in your area.

It’s best to usevaporative coolers with low relative humidity and hot temperatures.An evaporative cooler won’t work if the humidity is more than 50%.

Step 2: You should check your water supply.

The swamp cooler needs a lot of water, so make sure you have enough.

Step 3: Evaluate your house’s air quality.

The humidity in your home will increase because of swamp coolers.For most retrofit installations, you’ll want windows opened, but homes built for evaporative coolers will have the ductwork in place.I know, you grew up with your dad telling you to close the windows, but with swamp coolers, that’s exactly what you want to do!

Step 4: Take your rating and add it to it.

The rating of a swamp cooler is based on how much air it can move.

Step 5: The formula can be used to calculate the CFM needed to cool your home.

The area you want to cool should be determined.Add this figure to the height of your ceilings.Divide that number by two.The result is a rating for the evaporative cooler.If you have a 1,500 square foot home with 8 foot ceilings, you need to divide it by 8.The ceilings are 12,000 2.You need a unit with a rating of 6,000 CFM or higher.If you have a 140m home with 3m ceilings, you can use the example 2.You need a unit that is at least 3.5 centimeters.

Step 6: Purchase a evaporative cooler.

Make sure that it’s rated to meet your requirements.

Step 7: Go ahead and set it up.

Different types are installed in different ways.It is possible that your dwelling is pre-fitted for installation.Cool air sinks in the swamp coolers are the most efficient on the roof.There may be issues with placement or supply that prevent that.Evaporative coolers can be portable.They can be in-wall or window-mounted.To maximize the output of your swamp cooler, follow the manufacturers instructions completely.

Step 8: Thevent can be used to direct the cool air through the house.

e.g.During the day close the bedroom doors and open the window in the living room to cool the space you’re using.Close the living room window at night and open the bedroom window in the morning.Don’t let hot air in if you open the windows.It could cause indoor humidity to run out of control and damage furniture, books, or musical instruments if you Vent in your house.swamp coolers use water to cool the air.The temperature won’t change much when there is too much humidity.

Step 9: Wait until the temperature is 85F (30C) outside.

swamp coolers work best when it’s warmer.If the outdoor relative humidity is less than 30%, the evaporation mechanism is most efficient.

Step 10: The filter needs to be cleaned regularly.

The swamp cooler has a water filter.The impurities will get through when the filter is not working.The swamp cooler is named after the euphemistic name.The odor from the growth of algae would make an alligator feel right at home.