It’s important to care for an American toad.

If you know how to care for toads, you can keep them that way.Your toad will be comfortable in your home if you have an aquarium that mimics nature.You can show your love for your toad by maintaining its habitat, feeding it live insects, and looking out for its health.

Step 1: Purchase a 15 gallon aquarium for your toad or a plastic storage bin.

House your American toad in an aquarium or plastic bin that is at least 24 inches long, 12 inches tall, and 30 inches wide.These are the measures for a standard 15 gallon aquarium.Purchase an aquarium at a store.A lid that closes securely is a must when buying an aquarium.The toad will get overheated if the tank is placed in direct sunlight.

Step 2: The tank should be lined with 3–4 inches of material.

Your pet’s waste can be absorbed by a material placed at the bottom of a cage or tank.The organic material should be placed at the bottom of the aquarium.Gravel or sand can be harmful to your toad if swallowed.

Step 3: There should be hiding spots in the aquarium.

The toads like hiding.There are items that will mimic nature, such as large dried leaves or pieces of tree bark.Sturdy hiding spots can be added with items like flower pots.

Step 4: The water dish should be no deeper than the height of the toad.

Most toads will drink from their water dish at night.Choose a water dish that is wide enough to hold your toad, but not taller than it.Whenever the water looks cloudy, it should be changed every morning.Don’t use municipal tap water if you are sensitive to chlorine.You can use bottled water.

Step 5: Live insects can fit into the toad’s mouth.

American toads eat insects as their sole source of sustenance.If they are not moving, they might not consume them.You can feed your toad live insects that are small enough to fit in its mouth.The majority of your toad’s diet should be made up of worms and crickets.Feed your toad flying insects, which may not be able to catch them.You can feed the toad insects that you find in nature.

Step 6: Feed your toad 3-6 times a day.

To maintain its weight, be sure to give your toad at least 3-6 live insects a day.Feed your toad twice as many as ants if the insects are small.Keep your toad happy by spacing out feedings.

Step 7: Every 4th feeding, add a calcium supplement to the bugs.

A calcium supplement should be added to your toad’s diet.Before putting your toad in the aquarium, you should sprinkle a bit of the powder over the insects.It is enough to boost your toad’s diet if you feed it once every 4 times.Buy calcium supplement powder at pet stores or online.

Step 8: It’s a good idea to replace the substrate every 2 months or so.

The material should be replaced every 2 months.You should replace it early if you see that it is dirty.While the aquarium is empty, wash it with a bleach solution.While you clean your toad’s aquarium, buy a small plastic tank from a pet store.

Step 9: Find a vet who cares for exotic pets.

Many veterinarians don’t have enough experience with toads.If you suspect that your toad is sick, look for “exotic pet” veterinarians and inquire about their experience with salamanders.An inexperienced vet may harm your toad while trying to treat it.

Step 10: As little as possible, handle your toad.

Pick up your toad if you want to, but don’t touch it when you need to move it.The toads prefer not to be handled.Their skin may cause irritation to human skin, so keep this kind of touching brief.Before and after handling a toad, wash your hands.Your toad may be irritated by any substances on your hands.