It’s a good idea to make a hot lemon drink.

When you are not feeling well, hot lemon beverages can be very comforting.The steam and hot water can help soothe a sore throat.It may help boost your immune system if you have lemons.Adding natural ingredients to hot lemon beverages can provide additional health benefits.Some of the most popular are honey, ginger, and cinnamon.A sore throat can be soothed with honey, ginger and cinnamon.

Step 1: Half a lemon is all you need.

Cut a lemon in half.Take one of the lemon halves and squeeze it.The juice should be put into a mug.It is possible that lemon juice can boost your immune system.Lemon juice has anti-bacterial properties and may help with sore throats.Make sure you don’t have any lemon seeds in your mug.Remove them if you see them.

Step 2: Take the honey out.

Put the honey in the mug with the lemon juice.Along with antiseptic properties, honey and coats soothe sore throats.

Step 3: The water should be boiled for 12 cup.

You can fill a tea kettle or pot with water.When it starts to boil, put it on the stove.The kettle or pot needs to be removed from the heat.

Step 4: The hot water should be over the lemon and honey.

After boiling the water, pour it over the lemon and honey in your mug.Slowly stir the ingredients together.Allow the beverage to cool before you start drinking it.Adding lemon juice, honey, or hot water will make it taste better.The hot water can help you relax if you’re sick.

Step 5: The ginger is shredded.

The root can be cut into manageable pieces with a knife.The root should be removed with the edge of a spoon.The skin should be removed.The ginger is peeling quickly across the tines of the fork.This will destroy the root’s flesh.

Step 6: One quart of cold water can be put into a saucepan or pot.

Go for the ginger.ginger can help loosen and expel mucus and chest congestion.Reducing swelling, improving circulation and providing antibacterial properties are some of the benefits of ginger.

Step 7: The saucepan should be placed over medium heat.

Bring it to a boil.The saucepan needs to be removed from the heat.The ginger should be steep in the hot water for 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 8: The lemons can be sliced and juiced.

The lemon juice should be prepared while you wait for the water to boil.The lemons should be squeezed over a clean bowl.The fruit will stop yielding juice when you squeeze it.If you find lemon seeds in your bowl, discard them.The lemon juice should be put aside for now.

Step 9: The ginger can be strained from the hot water.

The ginger needs to be removed after it has been steeped in the hot water for 15 minutes.A mesh strainer can be held over a large bowl.The hot water should be poured through the strainer.The ginger pieces will be caught in the strainer after the water goes into the bowl.The ginger bits should be discarded after straining them.

Step 10: The lemon juice can be added to serve.

Lemon juice can be squeezed into a bowl or pitcher of hot ginger water.To combine the ingredients, stir gently.You will have six to eight.If you want to serve immediately, pour one serving into a mug.If necessary, warm the remaining mixture up in the microwave.If you like honey, add it to your mug.A sore throat will be soothed by honey.If you have any leftover liquid, put it in the fridge.For up to three days, the beverage will be good.

Step 11: Put the water in and slice the lemon.

To boil the water, put it in a kettle.You can slice a lemon in half with a sharp knife.A circular slice is 14 inch thick.If you like, you can add the juice from one of the halves to your beverage with the slice.The slice should be put aside for now.

Step 12: Take out the honey and whiskey.

Place the ingredients in a mug.The honey can help soothe a sore throat.

Step 13: The mug has boiling water in it.

Remove the heat from the water and pour it over the honey and Bourbon.There is a lemon slice, cinnamon stick, and three cloves in the mug.A sore throat can be alleviated with cinnamon.The scent of cinnamon can help to open up the sinuses.The cloves have antiseptic properties.Clove oil should not be used for the whole cloves.You might be upset by the oil.

Step 14: For five minutes, steep the mixture.

The cinnamon stick or spoon can be used to stir the liquid.It should be steep.Immediately serve the drink with Nutmeg.The beverage should be stirred once more.If you want to serve the beverage immediately, take a pinch of nutmeg and sprinkle it over the top.cloves are perfectly safe to swallow and may provide additional health benefits if you remove them before consuming.Lemon juice or additional honey can be added to taste.