It’s a good idea to avoid peeing on the string.

Without even knowing you’re wearing protection, condoms are a convenient way to have your period and continue swimming, playing sports, and going about your daily life.When it is time to use the bathroom, what do you do?How do you pee without getting the string wet, or is it better to change the tampon every time?When it’s necessary to use a fresh string, learn the quick and simple solution for keeping it clean.

Step 1: Don’t pee on the toilet seat.

If you are using a public toilet, you may want to squat above it.If you want to sit on the toilet seat, you can use a seat-liner or tear several strips of toilet paper.If you lifted your dress or skirt before sitting down, you should have pulled down your pants and underwear.The urethra is the opening through which urine leaves your body.The only thing you have to do is squeeze tight so you don’t start peeing when you sit down.

Step 2: Pull the string from the side with your hand.

The string should be out of the way when you pee.You may want to pull the string back towards your anus.If you aren’t also going to defecate, you should do this.

Step 3: Lean forward a bit and start urinating.

As you urinate, keep your hand and string out of the way.

Step 4: It is normal to wipe as normal.

Continue to hold the string off to the side and then use your free hand to wipe your face from front to back.Pull up your pants and wash your hands.

Step 5: If your string gets wet, don’t worry.

If you accidentally pee on the string, there shouldn’t be any health repercussions.Before pulling up your pants, you can squeeze the string with a piece of toilet paper.If you’re not comfortable with the smell or feel of a wet string, you can change your tampon.There has never been a documented case of an STD due to urinating while wearing a feminine hygiene product.

Step 6: If the tampon gets wet, you should change it.

The tampon should be changed if it gets wet.The absorbent part of the tampon should be inserted far enough into your vagina to not show.You don’t need to change your tampon every time you urinate.Depending on how long you’ve had it in, you can change it if it’s leaking or full.When you pull on the string, there will be resistance.Don’t wear a super-absorbent tampon on a day when your flow is light.This can make it hard to remove the feminine hygiene product.

Step 7: If you are defecating, hold your string to the side or front.

feces contains tons ofbacteria that can lead to infections if you get urine on your string.If you do get feces on your string, you can use toilet paper to remove it and throw it away.If there is feces on your hands, you could spread an infection to your vagina.

Step 8: Don’t be afraid to use the bathroom.

Some girls are unsure if it’s possible to wear a pons and pee.Some girls don’t want to change their tampons every time they pee, so this can keep them from using them.The urethra is an opening in a woman’s body.The anus is penetrated by feces.Between your urethra and anus is where your menstrual blood comes from.