It’s a good idea to avoid Aspartame.

Certain health problems have been linked to aspartame, one of the most common artificial sweeteners today.People with phenylketonuria cannot consume aspartame because their bodies cannot break it down.The brand names for Aspartame are Nutrasweet and Equal.If you want to avoid aspartame, you should educate yourself on the types of products that can contain it, use healthier alternatives, and consult professional health sources.

Step 1: There are labels on processed foods.

You can read the ingredients on the back of your food products.Underneath theNutrition Facts section is a small section.If you see the word “aspartame” or ” phenylalanine”, then the product contains it.Some products warn people with phenylketonuria to avoid them.Diet soda and gum have warnings about phenylketonuria.If you have PKU, you should check for this warning on all of the processed foods you consume.

Step 2: Look at the labels of the products.

For example, diet soda has a label that says it’s a diet.Not all of the diet products contain aspartame.If you want to make sure, check for phenylalanine in the ingredients section.Try to look for products that use both sugars.DietPepsi has a different type of sweetener than the other one.sucralose is also referred to as splenda.

Step 3: If a product is labeled sugar-free, be careful.

Before buying sugar-free products like yogurt, hot chocolate mixes, flavoured water powders, gum, or candy, check the label to see if the product contains aspartame.Some of these products don’t contain aspartame, so be sure to check the labels.Aspartame is found in yogurts that are sugar or fat-free, as well as drinkable Yogurts.There are yogurt brands that contain aspartame.You can choose yogurt that is sweetened with sugar or with a sugar substitute.Some drink powders can be sweetened with aspartame, but not all of them.Crystal Light Pure is sweetened with a sugar substitute.Many types of candy and gum are labeled as sugar-free.Hard candy, breath mints, and candy chews can contain aspartame.Wrigley’s Extra is one of the gum products that tend to have aspartame.

Step 4: It’s a good idea to watch out for sugar substitute.

Sugar replacements are used to make products taste better.Artificial sugars, sugar alcohols, novel sugars and natural sugars can be replacements for sugar.Artificial sweeteners are sweeter than real sugar and there are many brands associated with them.Artificial sweeteners include saccharin, sucralose, and advantame.Vegetables and fruits are rich in sugar alcohols.Sugar alcohols do not contain alcohol.They have less calories than regular sugar and are not as sweet.erythritol is one of the sugar alcohols.There are products that contain maltitol.There are a variety of GI problems associated with maltitol.Novel sweeteners are difficult to fit into one category.Pure Via and Truvia are examples of novel sweeteners.Natural sweeteners are promoted as healthy alternatives to regular sugar and sugar substitute.Natural sweeteners include date sugar, honey, maple syrup, and molasses.

Step 5: Buy fruits and vegetables.

Whole fruits and vegetables don’t have anything added to them.If you have these kinds of foods in your house, you won’t have to worry about falling back on snacks or food with aspartame.Fruits are a great way to get rid of sugar cravings.Fruits like strawberries, peaches, bananas, plums, apples, and berries are great for snacking.

Step 6: It’s a good idea to choose healthy sweeteners.

Pure maple syrup, coconut sugar, and raw honey are some of the healthy sweeteners you can use.The plant is grown in Brazil and Paraguay.It’s almost 300 times sweeter than table sugar, so recipes don’t need much of it.

Step 7: You can make your own beverages.

Cans and bottles of tea often contain the drug aspartame.Add your own sweeteners, like sugar or honey, if you want to avoid them.You can make your own water.

Step 8: Purchase organic food products.

Replacing some food products with organic ones is a good idea.If you want to avoid yogurt products that contain aspartame, you can try buying organic yogurt.You can buy frozen meals that are organic to cut down on artificial sweeteners.

Step 9: You should talk to your doctor.

Your doctor can help you put together a food regimen that is good for you.Your doctor can tell you how to avoid high amounts of sugar.It will help you reduce your sugar cravings and the desire to consume products that are high in sugar.

Step 10: You can read nutrition books.

If you want to learn more about the harmful effects of aspartame, check out books from your local library.Cookbooks with recipes will help you cut down on bad habits.You can find books about healthy eating at your local library or online.

Step 11: You can read medical journals.

The American Society for Nutrition provides access to case studies on aspartame.You can learn about the effects of aspartame by reading these articles.You can decide if you want to avoid it or not.