How To You should look like Hepburn.

One of the most beautiful women of all time was Hepburn.Her style is timeless and spirited, and she brought fashion choices like the little black dress into popular culture.If you want to look like this beloved actress, you need a classy wardrobe, well-applied makeup, and good hair.

Step 1: It’s important to cultivate a sophisticated wardrobe.

The clothes that Hepburn wore never went out of style.Don’t follow the latest trends in fashion.Stick to the basics.The little black dress she wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one of her best known outfits.If you want to wear your clothing for a long time, choose clothing that is durable and timeless.She wore a pair of flats because she was tall.For any occasion, buy a black pair of flats.If you wear heels, choose a pair that is short.

Step 2: There are neutrals and pastels.

Hepburn wore black, beige, and white.These three colors can work in most situations.Hepburn wore pink on occasion.She was able to highlight her figure by focusing on one color in her outfits.

Step 3: Simple designs are what you should stick to.

Don’t be drawn away from your natural beauty by loud or busy designs.Pay attention to fit.Her figure was complemented well by her clothes.Try on clothes before you buy them to ensure a good fit, record your body measurements, and know what body type you are.Ignore clothing sizes as they can vary between companies.A small at one brand could be a medium elsewhere.Don’t focus on the size charts.

Step 4: You should emphasize your wrists, neck, and waist.

You can see the delicate parts of your body by looking at them.To draw eyes to your waist, choose high-waisted pants or a midriff belt.You can make your wrists stand out with three-quarter length shirts.It is possible to draw attention to your neck and shoulders with a halter neckline.Hepburn liked to wear scarves to draw attention to her neck.Buy several in neutral colors.

Step 5: Accessorize with jewelry.

A string of pearls around her neck is a formal look that never goes out of style.Don’t overload yourself with clunky jewelry.Pick one item to wear at a time.On hot days, a pair of large, dark sunglasses is acceptable.A pair of simple stud earrings can be bought to match her style.

Step 6: It’s best to apply a tinted moisturizer.

She took care of her skin.If you want a tinted foundation, apply it to your skin.You should match the shade to your skintone.Don’t forget to take care of your skin: drink plenty of water, wear sunscreen, and get rid of dead skin cells.

Step 7: Emphasize your eyes with makeup.

The focus of her face was her eyes.Apply a layer of eyeshadow.To draw a cat eye to your top and bottom lids, use a soft brown or black charcoal liner.Finish the look with eyeshadow and mascara.

Step 8: To apply a warm color to apples on your cheeks, use a powder brush.

It will give you a bright complexion.Blow off any excess brush to avoid a color deposit on your cheek.If you want the color to look natural, move the brush up from the apples of your cheeks.

Step 9: You can match your skin tone with a creamy lipstick.

The pink and red lipstick shades that Hepburn wore matched her complexion.You can choose a lipstick color that doesn’t affect the rest of your makeup.If you want a put-together look, match your lipstick color with your blush.

Step 10: There is a french twist to your hair.

Hepburn wore her hair in a French twist.You can sweep your hair to one side and twist it in the opposite direction.Place pins in the hair to hold it in place.The twist needs to be held in place.This hairstyle is good for long hair.If you have a short haircut, try a half-up/half down hairstyle.

Step 11: Your hair should be in a bun.

Hepburn wore a neat bun while filming Bloodline.Pull your hair back into a ponytail and tie it up.Wrap your hair in a spiral around the base of the ponytail and secure the bun with bobby pins.For a sleek look, spray the bun with thwirp.There are many different styles of buns.You can try a messy bun, ballerina bun or braided bun after you’ve mastered the classic bun.

Step 12: Wear a headscarf.

Hepburn wore a headscarve at her wedding to Dotti.When you don’t feel like styling your hair, buy a few headscarves in different colors.You could make a head scarf out of a regular scarf.

Step 13: Get a cut.

Hepburn popularized the cut for women in the 1950s.You can wear a pixie cut with a little bravery and confidence.They know what you’re looking for if you bring in a picture.Your hair will be extra “oomph” if you accessorize it with a headband or bobby pins.They are still high-maintenance and seem easier to style than long haircuts.Prepare for the upkeep by researching different ways to style your cut.