How To You don’t need to splash yourself with a urinal.

Men and boys use urinals in communal bathroom.It can be difficult to use a urinal.Many people have encountered situations at the urinal in which they are the victim of urinal “splash back.”It is possible that a fine mist of urine, or even larger drops, may have landed on you.Proper urinal usage can prevent urine splash back.

Step 1: If you can, pick a urinal with privacy guards.

Privacy guards are between urinals in some public restrooms.Privacy and shielding from other people’s splash back are both served by these guards.You will be less likely to fall victim to someone else’s splash back if you find a restroom with privacy guards.

Step 2: Pick the end urinal instead of the middle one.

Pick a urinal on the end, next to the stalls or the sink, if you can’t find a restroom with privacy guards.You will be less likely to fall victim to the splash back generated by the guy next to you.

Step 3: There is a urinal remote for other men or boys.

The closer you are to someone else, the more difficult it will be for you to pee.You or your neighbor might create splash back because of the panic and anxiety that you both experience.When the restroom is crowded and there is no alternative urinal, it is okay to stand and pee directly next to another person.You don’t have to wait in line or use a stall.

Step 4: Before you get to the urinal, look at the floor.

The floor in front of the urinal is often wet from other people’s urine.As you approach the urinal, be aware that you don’t want to step in someone else’s puddle and accidentally splash urine on yourself.

Step 5: Before you pee, think.

Sometimes we have to go and we rush up to the urinal and pee in a hurry.Don’t do this.You need to think before you pee so that you can take precautions that will limit your splash back.

Step 6: Don’t hit the urinal cake.

urinal cakes are small and placed on the bottom of the urinal to fight odor.They aren’t meant to be targets.If you hit them, they will create splash back and spray urine in your direction.

Step 7: You can hit the wall of the urinal at a gradual angle.

You can change the angle of your stream.Don’t hit the urinal.The closer it is to 90 degrees, the worse the splash back will be.Try to hit the urinal at a soft angle.

Step 8: Aim for splash-reducing inserts.

The impact of your urine stream can be absorbed by some urinal inserts and splash guards.Shoot for these if you can pee on one that bends upward so that it is vertical and can hit it at less than 45 degrees.

Step 9: Stand at the right angle.

Splash back is increased when your urine hits a surface at a sharp angle.Your urine starts to break into droplets after a few inches.There is more splash back than a solid stream of urine.You will have a higher chance of creating splash back if you are too far away.The farther you stand from the urinal, the more urine you pick up.You will be in good shape if you impact that porcelain before the stream breaks.

Step 10: Don’t go too far.

You definitely don’t want to be standing too far away.When you pee, take into account the fact that your stream will lose power after six inches from your urethra.There is no “magic” number when it comes to how far to stand from a urinal, because each urinal is different and everyone’s comfort level is not the same.

Step 11: Don’t shake too briskly.

Don’t shake too quickly when you’re done.This could cause your urine to fly through the air or it could hit the urinal and cause a splash back.