How To You can make jewelry out of clay.

Artists and crafter use the clay as a sculpting medium.It’s easy to form into a wide variety of shapes.While it’s soft and easy to manipulate, when baked it becomes hard.It can be used to make many different types of jewelry.There are some jewelry projects you can do with the clay.

Step 1: Pick out all of your supplies.

A piece of string, a needle, and a pan that can go in the oven are all you will need.It is easily available online and at craft supply stores.

Step 2: The clay needs to be loosened up.

The clay needs to be warmed up before it can be manipulated.The first color you want to use should be about the size of a marble.Roll it around in your hands and loosen it.Cut your clay into small pieces with a knife if it’s really hard.Add a drop of mineral oil to the pieces on the cutting board.All the little pieces need to be kneaded back together.It should be more elastic because of the mineral oil.

Step 3: Put your toothpick in the middle of the ball of clay.

The hole made by the toothpick is big enough to get your needle through, so be careful that the ball keeps its round shape.When cooked, the clay does not expand or contract, but bead holes may shrink a bit.The bead holes should be bigger than the needle.

Step 4: Place your bead on the baking sheet.

Baking food should not be used on the baking sheet after it’s been used for baking clay.

Step 5: You can repeat these steps with all of the clay you have.

Try to keep your beads the same size.

Step 6: You can make beads.

Try mixing several colors together to create a marbled effect once you have practiced making beads of a single color.Take small pieces of several colors and mix them together.Don’t knead them too long or the colors will combine and create a new solid color.If you want to bake with different brands of clay, it’s best to combine them with the same brand.

Step 7: A bead with two sides.

Each color should be rolled into a long skinny tube, about a quarter inch wide and four inches long.Make one long roll by pressing all the tubes of color into each other.To make sure it is round, roll out the larger roll a little bit.Roll the marble pieces into beads.The bead should have two sides.You can use this process to make a variety of designs.You can apply the flat sides of the thin round pieces to the bead using the steps above.Roll the bead lightly in your hands to smooth the surface after it’s been covered.

Step 8: Follow the directions on the wrapper of the clay.

Over baking or under baking can damage your bead, so be sure to follow the directions carefully.It will smell up your kitchen no matter what brand it is.These fumes are bad for you.To get proper air flow, be sure to open some windows or turn on a vent.

Step 9: Before assembling your necklace, remove the beads from the oven and let them cool.

Before touching the beads, they need to be completely cool.Touching them when they are still warm could damage the surface.

Step 10: Attach your necklace.

Use the string you got to thread your needle.Paying attention to any color pattern you want to make, then string the beads on.Make sure the loop you make is big enough to fit over your head by removing the needle from the end of the string.

Step 11: It’s time to put on your brand new necklace.

Step 12: Purchase several different colors of clay.

You should choose colors with projects in mind.Keep in mind that you can mix colors with the clay.Different brands of clay are available.You might want to purchase more than one brand to see which one you like best.Some are softer than others.You may not want to mix them because different brands have different baking directions.You can make your own clay at home.

Step 13: There are some jewelry making accessories to choose from.

You have to plan what type of pendants you want to make.You will need an oven-proof band holder for necklaces and earrings.This is a piece of wire that you can stick into the clay to make it resistant to the heat of the oven.You can attach the pendant to a necklace string or chain with the loop of the wire.At any craft store, you can find a wide variety of jewelry making tools and accessories.

Step 14: You can mix and blend colors.

Pick your favorite colors and blend them together.In order to make a brand new color, you can mix colors together completely.It would be fun to only buy red, yellow, and blue clay and try to make other colors yourself.

Step 15: Sculpt your clay.

You can use your fingers to sculpt.Add small pieces of clay on top of simple shapes to create a pattern.Unique shapes can be made.There is no limit to what you can do with the clay.You can make an abstract shape out of a variety of colors.There are so many options on what you can make.You can use small dots of other colors of the clay to cover a circle.If you smooth out the surface, leave it with a textured surface.If you can’t come up with a new idea, look online for inspiration.There are many websites that can give you ideas.

Step 16: Before baking, add metal accessory pieces to your items.

There are some things that need to be baked into the piece.It’s a good idea to make sure anything you put in the oven is oven-proof.

Step 17: You can place your sculpted items on the cookie sheet.

The pan and jewelry pieces are protected.

Step 18: The package directions tell you to bake the clay items.

For 20 to 25 minutes, most clays are baked.

Step 19: Allow sculpted items to cool down.

If you need to lightly sand, you can use extra fine paper.You can thread your necklace string or chain through the wire loop on the pendant.Attach earring wires to the loops coming out of the pendants if you are making earrings.