How To Wear Lashes Without Glue

If you love the look of false lashes but don’t like the sticky, clumpy, smelly glue that comes with them, you’re not alone!There are products out there that can replace homemade lash glue.If you want to see which method works best for your makeup routine, try out a few different methods.

Step 1: The top layer of lashes should be held between 2 fingers.

Magnetic lashes work by pinching your natural lashes.Pick up the top layer and hold it in between your thumb and pointer finger.Use tweezers if you are having trouble.

Step 2: On top of your natural lashes, balance the top eyelash.

If you want your top lashes to be as close to your natural lashes as possible, bring the top layer up to the natural lash line.If you can, let go of the fake lashes and use your natural lashes.They should stay in place long enough so that you can apply the bottom layer.

Step 3: The bottom layer should be pushed toward the top layer.

Bring the fake lashes up to your eye by grabbing the bottom layer between your 2 fingers.Attach the fake lashes to your natural lashes by pushing the bottom layer of the lashes up.The first time you apply, you might have to try this a few times.It will get easier as you practice.

Step 4: Pull the layers apart to remove lashes.

Pull one of the layers of lashes by the inner corner when you take your makeup off.The lashes will separate when you take them off.If you used mascara on top of your fake lashes, wipe them down before putting them away.

Step 5: Put the liner on your upper lashes.

It looks like a liquid eyeliner pen.If you want to cover your whole upper lash line, start from the inner corner of your lashes.If you want, you can use the liner on eyeshadow.

Step 6: The false lashes have to be pressed onto your liner.

Make a hole in between 2 fingers with your magnetic lashes.If you need to adjust your lashes, use your fingers.Cut your lashes down to the shape of your eye if they are too long.

Step 7: When you are done with them, remove the lashes.

Pull the lashes up from the inner corner at the end of the day.Magnetic lashes can be saved if they aren’t caked in mascara or eyeshadow.If your liner isn’t coming off, use an oil-based makeup remover on a cotton swab to gently cleanse your eye area.

Step 8: The glue should be wiped onto your upper lashes.

The mascara is like a normal mascara wand.Just like a normal mascara, apply the glue to the underside of your upper lashes.You can only use mascara on your upper lashes.

Step 9: Take a small section of lashes.

The majority of mascara kits come with individual lashes.Pick up one small section at a time with the eyelash tweezers.Heavy full sets of lashes can be difficult to adhere to the smaller sections.

Step 10: The lashes must be pressed onto the underside of the upper lashes.

Try to get the false lashes close to your natural lashes.If you need to adjust them, use the tweezers.You can try again if you need to.

Step 11: Continue adding lashes until you like your look.

You can add as many as you want.For a more natural look, stick to the outer corner of your eye.If you want the lashes to stay on your eye, put them in a single layer.

Step 12: Remove the makeup from the lashes.

Press a cotton pad over your eyes to remove makeup.Pull the false lashes off with 2 fingers.The glue shouldn’t pull off your natural lashes.If you can keep track of your small lash sets, you may be able to reuse them.

Step 13: You have to pinch one of the lashes.

A set of tweezers is what most self-adhesive lashes come with.You don’t have to touch the lashes directly with your hands if you use the applicator.You can use regular tweezers instead.

Step 14: The lashes should be pressed onto the upper lashes.

Try to get as close to your natural lashes as possible.If you want to add glue to the lashes, you don’t need to.It can be difficult to line up your lashes the first time, so don’t worry.

Step 15: You can adjust the lashes with your fingers.

If you want to blend them in, gently poke the lashes downward.If the lashes are too long for your eyes, take them off and trim them before putting them back on.The lashes are too long if they are peeling up in the inner corner.

Step 16: The lashes should be removed by peeling them off.

Pull your lashes up by the inner corner at the end of the day.After the third or fourth use, self-adhesive lashes lose their stickiness.If you notice that your lashes are coming off, try to gently press them back onto your lash line.