How To Wear Heavy Earrings

Big, beautiful, statement earrings add a lot of style to an outfit, but can they hurt your ears?There are a number of ways to keep heavy earrings from pulling on your delicate earlobes.It is possible to enjoy wearing heavy earrings without sacrificing safety.

Step 1: To balance the earring’s weight, attach a patch to the back of your ear.

You can find these at big box stores or online.Put your earring through the patch and secure it with the earring-back in place.The earring won’t pull on your earlobe if you use this product.Your lobes will be less likely to get stretched out if you are more comfortable throughout the day.If your earlobes are already stretched out, you can use these patches.

Step 2: To hold your earring in place, use a piece of surgical tape.

Roll the piece of surgical tape so that the sticky side is on the outside.Make sure the hole in your ear is completely covered with tape.You have to pierce the surgical tape with your earring.Put the earring-back in place.You can use surgical tape on your skin to hold your earring up.If you will be wearing your hair down, this look works best.The tape could be seen from behind.

Step 3: Don’t let earrings stretch your piercings by turning them into clip-ons.

The earring’s weight won’t pull on the piercing itself.If you don’t mind a small pinch on your lobes, heavy earrings will be much more comfortable to wear.At some big box stores or at craft stores you can buy clip-on earring converters.You can remove your earring with a pair of pliers.Attach the earring to the hook on the clip-on piece.

Step 4: Attach the earring to your hair with a pin and thread.

The ends of the thread are at even lengths if you loop it through a bobby pin.Cut off the excess thread below the knot after knotting the string 2 inches down from the bobby pin.Attach the string to the back of the earring.Place the bobby pin in your hair high enough that the weight of the earring is no longer pulling on your earlobe, then secure it back in place.You can use thread that matches your hair color.You may have to adjust the pins several times to get the earring to hang naturally.You can wear heavy earrings without buying a new product.

Step 5: The earring support chain will help alleviate the weight on your earlobe.

An earring support chain is a decorative device you connect to your earring and clip into your hair to redistribute its weight.An earring support chain adds some flair to your outfit.These are used for special events, like weddings, where the nicer your ensemble, the better.Online or in a jewelry store, you can buy earring support chains.

Step 6: Too much pain can be prevented by wearing heavy earrings for short periods of time.

The longer you wear earrings, the more they pull on your ears.It’s up to you and your preferences on how much time is too much.As you plan your outfit for the day that you might want to only wear heavy earrings for a few hours at a time, keep in mind.It’s a good idea to keep a heavy earring for special events.

Step 7: If you are doing something that may pull on your earrings, remove them.

It is possible to pull on an earring if you take off your top.It’s likely that wearing big earrings while exercising will cause them to pull harder on your earlobes.Kids might try to pull on earrings.Take out your earrings if you are doing something that might cause them to move.If you are on the go, keep a small pouch or baggie with you to keep your earrings safe.

Step 8: Take your earrings out before you go to sleep.

As you toss and turn, your earrings could get caught on a pillowcase or put too much pressure on your piercing.Put them away before you go to sleep.Your earrings’ backs could cause problems if they press into your skin.

Step 9: numbing cream can be applied to your earlobes.

Over-the-counter lidocaine can help alleviate soreness so that you feel more comfortable.Follow the instructions carefully.You can get numbing creams at the drugstore.If you have an open sore on your ear, don’t use a numbing cream.

Step 10: If you want your ears to be less likely to hurt, switch to lightweight statement earrings.

If you love the look of heavy earrings but don’t like how they feel, look for earrings made from hollow wood or lightweight materials.You will get the look you want without sacrificing comfort.If you can shop in person for earrings, you’ll be able to see how much they weigh.