How To Wear a Prince of Wales Suit

A Prince of Wales suit has a check pattern.Edward Albert, Prince of Wales from 1910- 1936, used the pattern for his tailored suits and it became very fashionable.The Prince of Wales suit is suitable for a variety of events.It is easy to wear one if you have the right fit and accessories.

Step 1: You should wear a white dress shirt with your suit.

It is always a safe bet to wear a white dress shirt with a Prince of Wales suit.A button-down white dress shirt that fits well and sticks out from the suit jacket is what you should choose.To keep your shirttail from sticking out, always button the shirt all the way up.A light grey shirt would complement the check pattern of your suit.

Step 2: You can complement your suit with a dark colored tie.

A dark-colored tie will bring your outfit together.Try a dark red, green, navy, or gray tie.If you’re attending a garden party or springtime event, a tie like pink or baby blue could work.

Step 3: They don’t clash if you wear solid colored shoes.

The Prince of Wales check pattern can throw off your look.Solid-colored shoes will complement it.If you are wearing a full suit, go with classic Oxford shoes.If you wear a Prince of Wales blazer in a more casual look, wear solid-colored sneakers.

Step 4: To add contrast, use a pocket square that is darker than your shirt.

Pocket squares are small squares of fabric that are folded and placed in the front pocket of your Prince of Wales suit.Pick a square that is similar to your shirt, but slightly darker, so it doesn’t distract from your suit.If you are wearing a plain white dress shirt, choose a light grey pocket square.

Step 5: You can put on silver tie clips and other accessories.

With the Prince of Wales suit pattern, silver looks great, whereas gold or any other colors will look out of place.If you want to complement your suit, look for silver or white gold accessories.If you decide to wear one, go with a silver watch as well.

Step 6: For professional settings, wear a dark grey prince of Wales suit.

The classic dark grey Prince of Wales suit is a good choice for business meetings.A dark grey classic style Prince of Wales suits look great in any season and will fit any professional occasion you need it for.

Step 7: If you want to make a statement at formal events, go with a color other than gray.

The checked pattern of the Prince of Wales is always classy and can be used for almost any formal event.For weddings, formal dinners, galas, or any other events where formal attire is required, choose a different color pattern.

Step 8: For casual events, pair a Prince of Wales jacket with a T-shirt.

For a dressed-down version of a Prince of Wales suit, wear the jacket with a solid-colored t-shirt.Go with a dark pair of well-fitting slacks, khakis or chinos to complete your casual look.A casual look is great for fancy dinners.

Step 9: To see how it fits, put on the jacket and button the top button.

Try on the jacket and see how it feels.There are either 2 or 3 buttons on most Prince of Wales suit jackets.You can see how the suit feels by pressing the topmost button.There shouldn’t be any extra bagginess around your chest and waist because Prince of Wales suits should fit comfortably but snug.

Step 10: Take a look at the shoulders of the jacket.

It’s easy to see how well the jacket fits when you check the shoulders.The end of the jacket needs to line up with your shoulders for a good fit.Since getting the shoulders tailored can be expensive and time-Consuming, choose another jacket.

Step 11: The sleeves should be at the top of your wrists.

You can check the length of the sleeves while you are wearing the suit jacket.The sleeves should end where your thumb meets the top of your wrist to give you more room for your shirt to stick out.The cuff of your dress shirt should show from beneath your jacket.Minor alterations to the sleeve length can be made by a tailor.

Step 12: If the suit pants crease on top of your shoes, it’s time to check.

The Prince of Wales suit pants should have a slight crease that forms about 1 inch from where the bottom of the pants meet the tops of your shoes.If there is a crease just above your shoes, you should wear the suit pants.If you choose pants that don’t have a break, make sure they are long enough to cover your ankle.