How To Wash Victoria%27s Secret Bras

There are a few things you can do to keep your bras in tip top shape.You can wash them in the sink every 3-6 times.You can use the delicate cycle of your washing machine.Mild soap and not harsh chemicals are what you should use.Don’t put your bra in the dryer.You can keep your Victoria’s Secret bras in good shape with a few simple tricks.

Step 1: Put water in your sink, utility bucket, or bathtub.

To completely submerge your bras, fill your basin with enough water that it won’t overflow.Between the water level and the top of the sink, bucket, or tub, leave a few inches of space.Before you start, make sure the sink is clean.You don’t want food or grease in the water with your bras.Hot water can damage the fabric, so it’s not safe to use it.The temperature of the water is about 85 F.It should be warm to the touch and comfortable for you to put your hands in.

Step 2: The detergent should be mixed into the water.

It is possible to use a detergent made for washing delicates.If you want to get the detergent into the water, you have to use your hands.A 3 US gal (11 L) bucket of soap can be used for a kitchen or bathroom sink.You can use up to 2 liters for a bathtub.The fabric of the bras can be damaged if bleach, fabric softener, or any other harsh chemicals are added to the water.

Step 3: Allow your bras to soak for a few minutes.

Make sure all the bras are submerged when you push them down into the soapy water.The majority of cleaning is done by breaking down dirt and oils.If you have inserts in your bras, soak them in the bowl.All of your bras should be submerged and soaking evenly.Even sports bras and heavily padded bras can be washed this way.

Step 4: You can massage the bras with your hands.

Don’t use sponges or brushes on your bras.If you want to release the dirt and oil from the bras, press them down into the water with your fingers and massage the soap into them.

Step 5: The bras should be washed in clean water.

To get rid of soap and dirt, run the bras under the water from the faucet.Press the water out of the fabric with your fingers.If you want the water and soap out of the bras, don’t wring them.

Step 6: If you have stains on your bras, give them a few drops of detergent.

Just add a few drops of water or detergent and massage it into the stain.Leave it to sit for at least 15 minutes so that it can soak in and break down the stain.You should use the same detergent to wash the bras.

Step 7: It’s a good idea to close the clasps and hooks on your bras.

If you leave the bras undone, you expose the hooks and can cause problems with the other clothes you wash with them.As it is washed in the machine, close up the snaps keeps it from getting twisted.

Step 8: The bras should be placed in a lingerie bag with other delicates.

If you use the washing machine to wash bras, the straps will get tangled around your clothes and get stretched out.A mesh lingerie bag keeps your delicates separate, prevents snags, and helps them to keep their shape.If you have padded, gel, or synthetic foam inserts in your bras, you should wash them by hand because they can lose their shape in the washing machine.It’s a good idea to hand wash bras that have a lot of adornments.It’s best if you don’t wash your bras and delicate clothes with heavy fabrics.

Step 9: The detergent should be alcohol-free.

Victoria’s Secret bras are delicate and can break down with harsh detergents.If you want to wash delicates, use a detergent made for that purpose.Don’t use chlorine bleach or fabric softener for washing bras because they will break down the fabric and cup padding.

Step 10: The machine should be set to run.

The delicate cycle is a pre-set function on many washing machines that gently clean clothes without damaging them.If your machine does not have a delicate cycle, use cold water and little to no spin cycle.

Step 11: The bras should be rolled between two towels.

Put a thick towel down on a flat surface and lay your bras out over it.Place a thick towel over the bras.Roll the towels from the left to the right like a sleeping bag.As you roll, make sure you press out as much water as possible.

Step 12: Reshape the cups.

Reshape the bras so they look like they did when they were new, after you have pressed as much water as you can out of them.Any lace, beads, or other adornments that shifted or folded during washing should be straightened by rounding out the cups.The straps should be straight if they are twisted.

Step 13: Place the bras on a towel or drying rack and let them dry.

Don’t put your bras in the dryer because of the high heat and tumbling.Lay them out with the cups facing upward in a single layer on a drying rack.If you leave them for 12 to 24 hours, they will be completely dry.If a bra has a heavily padded cup, squeeze it between your fingers to see if there is any remaining water.If you want to speed up air drying, blow cool air from an electric fan onto the bras.